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SS Prototype Dagger by Alcoso

Article about: I took notice to the top of the crossguard as it has some wear and stain issues..Im wondering if it was wrapped up with the hangrs twisted around it and possibly gotten wet during the Vet ac

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    Quote by Michal86 View Post
    For several days I browse your forum, and I admit that I did not suspect that it could be so helpful and so rich in information and pictures. I came across on the SS dagger prototype. A few months ago, I sold the similar dagger for my friend. I found some pictures on the computer and I want to hear what you think about it, but the pictures are just a few I can not find the rest.
    In a word - it looks postwar to me. Best Regards, Fred

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    Circuit advertisement SS Prototype Dagger by Alcoso
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    Thankyou michal for posting this dagger and will be a useful resource. This is a modern repro..that lacks craftmanship and period materials used. I thought "Polend" was spelled "Poland" ?
    It is not the size of a Collection in History that matters......Its the size of your Passion for it!! - Larry C

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    Land of Po, LaLa and dont forget... Tipsy....they do drink a lot.....gladly even while working...we see that often on their etchings..


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    In fact, my mistake. I've never been good at spelling . And you hit the spot about drinking.
    I was just after a few beers when I changed my profile

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    Craig was never involved with this dagger, he just waited for John to die and added its sale to his resume.

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    I found this thread today
    in my opinion, a late logo of ALCOSO.
    how does a late logo on an early prototype?
    I do not believe this dagger.
    is just my opinion!


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    CBH is online now


    Army dagger blade with a bunch of brass Crap made into an expensive letter opener .
    SS my Ass

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    Last weekend i was at a militaria show and met an old collector friend who plays in the high price dagger league.
    He showed me a beautiful damast LW2 Krebs and after that a damast Honour Dagger of the NSKK (that one will probably end up on the cover of Wittmanns new SA book)
    He also showed me a SS dagger made by a German Jeweler as a private gift to a very well known SS Officer ( who commited suicide in a Bunker in Scandinavia)
    The grip lookes in appearance like the one in this thread, plain black with the same inlayed runes.
    These kind of daggers are very expensive and are thruly a leap of faith as there is no provenance like photo's in wear, all i can say about them is that they are very well made one of a kind daggers.


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    For younger collectors and those not familiar with the story of these SS prototype daggers I attach scans of an article by Florida US gun dealer/collector John J Gabrick detailing the several prototype daggers in his personal collection. The SS prototype caused great excitement when it surfaced at a US gun show in the early 1970's and came to the attention of LTC(Ret) Thomas M Johnson, who subsequently featured this dagger in one of his early books.
    Apologies for the scans not being in page order, but the page numbers can be seen and Mr Gabrick's text of his story can easily be followed.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture SS Prototype Dagger by Alcoso   SS Prototype Dagger by Alcoso  

    SS Prototype Dagger by Alcoso   SS Prototype Dagger by Alcoso  

    SS Prototype Dagger by Alcoso  

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    This dagger has been talked about on this forum before I just can't find the post. I believe if memory serves me it became a beat up fest on Craig and his ethics .

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