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SS Röhm Ehrendolch

Article about: pictures taken a few minutes ago on my white cover like any other photos

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    pictures taken a few minutes ago on my white cover like any other photos

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    I will rephrase my original question...what other website was this posted,,,"This dagger" with the black background? and when? These are not hard questions. It makes no difference on how you obtained the dagger whether it was gold coins,, or childrens candy,, the dagger is yours!......So?..Everyone here likes to hear how a dagger was found,, whether it was picked up from a vet,,or found in an old house or a dealer. This dagger either belonged to you ( under a different name) or another person a long time ago. Please share with us, how you obtained this dagger,, those black background photos are yours,, as you say they are.

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    so I exchanged it with a dagger especially in Germany, I also received other cases SS I'll put online to verify their authenticity, for sale, thank you

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    Interesting your post #8 says that you did not have any transactions in Germany,, but now you say you did! Although you still avoid my question,, but you have answered a question i had no need to ask,,and all through this "cat and mouse game" you are still hiding and everyone else knows it. I thank all of those who have sent me a PM stating they have also seen this SS Rohm before. Thank you Colltim or who ever you are for an interesting thread that led to nothing. Your consistency in avoiding simple questions has proven to all who have read these posts that really have nothing in your possession except some stories. Forget the gold coins the stamps the other SS goodies and the war stories,, It is insulting that you must think those here on this forum were just born yesterday,, and maybe some of the members here are not as knowledgeable as those who are but our collecting hearts are the same,, and those who are more knowledgeable can see through what is not true from past experience. You will not be able to convince anyone here anymore and it would be best to go and peddle your stories someplace else.
    All this wasted time of Cat and mouse and all because a few simple questions could not be answered. next time you go to Germany say hello to Pavel!!

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    I do not understand is that PANELl? I go through a translator on the internet and not always obvious to translate everything I'm doing an exchange in case of WWII against Germany, here I have two daggers, Shields and other SS accessories, I do not see the problem or is you accuse me of things when you do not even know me I'm not German but French, I can provide my identity and my address and phone number of where I live in France

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    I think you're just jealous, I do not know who this PANEL, you've got the wrong person, I have a lot of business coming from Weitze, I owned a large collection of deutsche reich stamp and coins I am of currency exchange and voila, I do not see how this concerns you, I am in possession of etout what I say I would not lie for what purpose.

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    Please post a new picture of the dagger.... write on a piece of paper "war relics forum 2012" place the piece of paper beside the dagger and take a picture for all of us to see....

    opps ... nevermind .. I didnt notice he was banned.

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    It is my belief that these lice are coming out of the woodwork as the prices as all of us know have been pushed up to a degree that i for one will never understand.Their are the "BIG THREE" that are here in the East Coast who have pushed prices to the sky.I wont go into it but i have had many collector friends of mine say the same thing.Greed,buy very low and sell as high as the fish will pay!If this offends anyone i can tell you true stories that can be verified as to the nonsense that has gone on and goes on everyday! Think what it costs to buy an SA,NSKK, HEER,KREIGSMARINE,dagger to start off with.Add on the crap that is being sold on ebay,and at the shows and you have a reason for many new guys to say screw this!!! You can comment on my post,but tell me these are not the facts! Carl

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