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Ss sword...legit or fake??

Article about: by mattty01 Good evening gents, there is reference to this style sword having engraved SS runes and being used by the SS pre 1936 (when the ss degen came out) as there was no other sword to

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    Quote by mattty01 View Post
    Good evening gents, there is reference to this style sword having engraved SS runes and being used by the SS pre 1936 (when the ss degen came out) as there was no other sword to dedicated to the SS.

    Whether this particular sword was engraved during the period is anybodys guess.

    Best Matty
    Sometimes besides fakes, references such as books can also have stale or totally false information. With Honor Sword award documents dated prior to 1936. And period catalogs along with legitimate period examples of SS sabers well documented and in circulation. Being in agreement that these ordinary enlisted men's sabers are quite easy to modify now - as they would have been anytime in the past (more recently or earlier). But I haven't seen one (i.e.: modified) as yet listed in a period catalog or in period photos. Regards, Fred

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    Circuit advertisement Ss sword...legit or fake??
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    I'm Pretty sure that the German sword manufacturers could have done a much better job aligning and applying the runes than we see here. That, and I imagine that the blackening of them would be abit more professionally done also.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Ive added the following for the sake of the thread. I certainly wouldn't buy one as I do not like uncertainty, however it does seem excepted they did exist.

    Ss sword...legit or fake??

    Page 331 Wittmans book.


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    Thanks for the pic Matty. Not one for me either.........


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    Regrettably, by the time James Atwood printed his own book with fakes in it "Authentication by Publication" had already been well established in at least the U.S. And getting your "special" blades into a book was not unknown among some dealers and collectors post Atwood - with some so fake that they would not last microseconds in today's Internet world. And TW's book with all the work that was put into it is not an exception, with errors and some fakes creeping into it as well. With some (a relatively small minority) of those sabers examined (adversely) in more detail post publication sometimes having ended up in high profile collections. And authors can sometimes be at the mercy of the owners who provide the examples because they are lacking in specific expertise in certain areas. With page # 324 in my estimation one of the more blatant examples where this has taken place. Regards, Fred
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