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Yard sale find ss dagger

Article about: Hi Colt, overall it is good. FP has made some valid comments though. Some repair to the grip around the runes? It dates from 1934. Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Yard sale find ss dagger

    asked if you have any military

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    Default Re: Yard sale find ss dagger


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    Default Re: Yard sale find ss dagger

    I thought $500 was good

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    Default Re: Yard sale find ss dagger

    whatcha think?

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    Default Re: Yard sale find ss dagger

    Not 100% sure but i think it might be a replacement handle, doesnt seem to fit too well, but i daresay Ade or some of the others will have a say

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    I think it's a textbook 121/34 by Troost Wolf AG of Munich. This company was one of the first to be RZM approved in, I think, 1933. The handle is pretty unique to that manufacturer as it is made of Ebony and not the other types of wood that were used by others. Also it is known as the 'Fat handle' due to it's greater bulk compared to other makers. The handle is often found to be cracked due to over tightening of the pommel nut. As to be expected, the nickel fittings are of very high quality, again typical of this maker.

    The scabbard was originally anodised and was commonly repainted in period.

    I like it! Ballpark $2000-2350 dealers retail price, you done well I think!

    Regards, Ned.
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    big ned
    thanks, Iam happy with it,,, so its from 1933?

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    Default Re: Yard sale find ss dagger

    Being happy is what itís all about and I donít want to disparage the piece, but Iím not quite seeing it the same way, having some questions. I donít have my list in front of me, but the maker cited doesnít immediately ring any bells. And with the images posted, the scabbard looks to be a later example with the nickel plating missing from large areas, instead of nickel silver (also looking like some screws are partially backed out). With the wood underneath the black finish on the grip seeming to have a reddish tint in the images, versus the darker one usually associated with ebony. And the hanger snap assembly seeming to be of still another metal (or type of metal finish)? Any chance for some additional pictures? FP

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    Sheeeeeeeeesh , well done on a fantastic bargain !!

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    Default Re: Yard sale find ss dagger

    The thing that amazes me is that now a days any body can go on the INTERNET ans search the value of a SS dagger,500.00 dollars is so ridiculous that it makes me think that it is a fake. If it is real you are a very lucky fellow if not you have a 500.00 dollar paper weight!!!!

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