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Auction coming up what thinkth you?

Article about: Coming up for sale, these are the pictures for the sale so far

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    Too cheap for the genuine article.


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    Circuit advertisement Auction coming up what thinkth you?
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    Hi, the estimate price says it all, you could add a nought on at least if it was the real deal.

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    Yes but these are general auctioneers who dont know the finer nuances of military items. So just on the evidence of the photos does it have a chance?

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    I dont like how the wear marks stop abruptly at the edge of the party shield. I think at the very least this has been an add-on to the helmet
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    No pulver to the rune decal? I think a fake.

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    In looking closely at the shield on post 8, the runes appear to be a bit fat but it could be that it is not a straight on photo. Also I can not see the darker border around the runes that should be there when they were overlaid on the silver background. Again, the pictures are too dark to help. And as Glenn notes the silver background does not have the metallic look

    But the other main characteristics of a Poacher decal are their. The sharper breaks, pointed tip and edge of the lower runes to the break.

    I'm a newbie on decals and just using this as testing my own learning so take don't take anything I say as gospel.
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    Hi, both decals appear to be placed on top of already chipped and rusted areas so for me it is a thumbs down. Oddly enough though, I can see no sign of any other decals and as the paint work appears to be original, that is strange, but I still would not take a chance. Leon.
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    Thanks for your input everyone

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    Whilst we are on the subject of rust and placing of items over it how does one tell. I ask this from experience of the likes of hillman avenger wings where a pin hole in the paint could lead to rust bubbling up under what appeared to be paint protected metal often some distance away, so how can you tell that bubbling under a decal isnt just rust that has travelled?

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    I also dont like the diagonal scrape at the upper left of the runic shield. It seems to stop abruptly at the border and not carry on. I think this shield is a later addition too. Maybe this was a dd heer that had its decals removed and these were added post war?
    " When you're chewing on life's gristle, don't grumble, give a whistle "

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