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THE Austrian SS.

Article about: I would guess production stopped on the first combat models in 1919 due to Versailles, there would be plenty of surplus for the small Reichswehr in the inter-war years. Commercial models of

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    Not enough words to describe what a thrill it is to see this helmet.

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    Very impressive as always Doug! This is even the pristine condition you are known for! Thanks for sharing. Can't believe you found one with your name. I don't think I'll ever get that lucky!


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    That is a thing of Beauty!!!!! You have an outstanding collection.Thanks for sharing those pic's.
    I would also like to 2nd CBH's request for some pic's of the eagle and the other's in the back ground!!!!
    Semper Fi

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    Thanks for the compliments, I agree it is a special helmet. As per request here is some but not all of the Dietrich items I am fortunate enough to be the caretaker of at this time. Those familiar with the Shea personal collection will recognize the insignia save the cuff title which came from the personal collection of Wolfe Hardin, and was on display at SOS in 2006. I wont post reverse or extreme detail pics of them nor the Soldbuch for obvious reasons. The soldbuch was brough back by Col Stephen Bumball US Military Intelligence who was his interrogating officer. With it comes letters from Col Bumball and a very interesting one from an imprisoned Sepp Dietrich.

    Both photos taken when these were in a different display area and are slightly out of focus, watermarked and have flash glare, this is on purpose, I hope you understand. I am not looking for claims of forum authenticity on them. Collectors who see these in person can handle these however, they make an interesting study in hand.

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    Amazing items being shown here, Doug! Even though I'm not proficient at all with regards to SS helmets I can appreciate from what I've read here that it's an incredibly rare helmet and an incredibly beautiful rarity at that

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    Words are a bit redundant, but I'm feeling something like this right now.

    THE Austrian SS.

    Show 'em the mannequin! I think the gun would go off on my KT at that point. 88mm of HEAT. Tank guns are a goldmine of innuendo I have discovered, especially at high elevation.

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    Beautiful , simply beautiful ! SS- Oberstgruppenfurhrer und Panzer Gereraloberst der waffen-SS , it just rolls off the tongue . Thanks for posting these , very impressive ! And I thought your helmets were amazing ! Is it too late to be adopted ? Thanks for All your posts .
    Cheers Chris

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    Quote by Paul E View Post
    Wonderful lid Doug , checked Fritz Buhler in the Volksbund archive it appears that he didn't make the end of the war !!


    I'll get into my books later and see if i can come up with more info on what the unit /action was , i believe Slawjansk is in the Ukraine.


    Paul, very cool and thanks for the info!

    How does one go about accessing this "Volksbund archive"?


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    Not sure if that would be the same Buhler, as this Fritz was Heer. It is online Samir and in German if I recall correctly.

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    It's in German of course, but here is the link, Samir:

    Gräbersuche Online

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