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THE Austrian SS.

Article about: I would guess production stopped on the first combat models in 1919 due to Versailles, there would be plenty of surplus for the small Reichswehr in the inter-war years. Commercial models of

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    Default THE Austrian SS.

    Yes. Yes the word THE is supposed to be in CAPS, because in my humble opinion this is THE finest Austrian DD SS M17 I have ever laid eyes on. It is a thing of sheer beauty and came from the highly esteemed Darryl Pajot collection.

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    Circuit advertisement THE Austrian SS.
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    Default Re: THE Austrian SS.

    Very pretty! Any more photos?

    Did you see the droop bill SS Dave Shirlin just put up for sale? It looks a little like this one.

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    Default Re: THE Austrian SS.

    The black parade paint and CA Pocher decals survive in a high percentage and the interior is textbook black parade SS reissue. The spray painting of this one is classic as well, note the spray patterns as you scroll through the photos.

    One of my favourite features of these early blackies are the wide chinstraps with the leather flange protector and roller buckle. I find these straps just exotic. This one is unmarked.

    The helmet is stamped on the top of the dome B127 with a lot number stamp of 3 or 8 then 6866. Almost an evil helmet lot number!

    The helmet is also named on one of the interior pads. I just about fell over when I first read it as Darryl never mentioned the name itself, other than it was personalized. Using all kinds of light and photography to enhance the name I am 99% sure it is Buhler!?! I contracted Dieter Stenger of Stenger Historica who does my SS personnel research. He spent a day at NARA checking every possible combination of name beginning in BU and ending in ER. He was sure as well it was BUHLER. He found only 1 name that could match the date this helmet could have possibly been worn, to a Fritz Buhler of SS Motorstaffel I/9 in 1935. Is it Fritz Buhler's former parade SS helmet? I cannot be 100% sure. However no other names matched, and only this 1 Buhler could have been in the period to have been issued a black parade transitional helmet.

    That said I am not an SS researcher and I am sure there are members here like d'alquen and F-B who may shed more light one way or another based upon his files.

    Here is a 360 view with the chinstrap in its natural position.

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    Default Re: THE Austrian SS.

    Interior, exterior, and markings. Note the asymmetrical vent lugs.

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    Default Re: THE Austrian SS.

    CA Pocher runic and party decals. The ink on the press when applied on the runic decal is thicker than normal and shows heavy displacement. Note the 2 holes from where the Austrian rural gendarmerie insignia was (the flaming bomb)

    The decals are watermarked to prevent forgery.

    Attachment 469234

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    Default Re: THE Austrian SS.

    Some interior details, critical to determining real from fake on an exotic helmet such as this one.

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    Default Re: THE Austrian SS.

    The chinstrap details. Note the exotic and exacting construction and minute details including period wear and several holes the owner customized for his own use.

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    Default Re: THE Austrian SS.

    This has always been one of my favorites. Good to know u still have it.


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    Default Re: THE Austrian SS.

    I also really like this one.

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    Default Re: THE Austrian SS.

    Finally the name, which I am 99% sure is BUHLER. (how cool is that...) I had Dieter research every name between BU and ER and only Fritz Buhler came up as anyone who matched the name and who could have been in the period to have worn this. Fritz Buhler of SS Motorstaffel I/9 in 1935. Is it Fritz Buhler's former parade SS helmet? I cannot be 100% sure. If anyone with the requisite knowledge can shine more light on this I would most certainly be grateful. For whatever reason my translation of these documents cannot be found at this time.

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