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Camo SS M40

Article about: G'day guys, can any of you very knowledgable gents give me your 0pinion on this lid, more importantly the Runes? Phill

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    Thanx a lot

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    Quote by Datrus View Post
    I am no expert in helmet and decals. How do you guys figure out it's a fake decal. To the untrained eye it looks quite legit. Hope to learn something here.

    Hi Datrus, like any fake militaria it will all look quite legit to the untrained eye, that pretty much goes without saying. The print type, decal construction and graphics are all incorrect to known originals. IT is easy to tell the construction of the decal as it is badly damaged exposing parts of the decal that clearly show it to be a modern repro. Hope that helps.

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    I agree with cricketchris1944. Thie paint looks Norwegian. The decal has definitely been applied over the paint and the camo effect on the paint looks fresh. I wouldn't touch it if I were you.

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    The wear to the decal is not natural. It appears to have been treated with sandpaper. Study wear on original decals and the difference is glaring.


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    Cheers Bud

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    This helmet surfaced on GHW, unfortunately a new collector bought it thinking it was real and fell for the old "uncles old war helmet" story. Phil can you tell us the source of the helmet, who was trying to sell this piece of garbage?

    Never mind he replied, it was an eBay helmet.
    Last edited by DougB; 09-27-2011 at 05:48 PM.

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    Sorry Doug, just saw your reply, yes it was on ebay but i deleted it.

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    He paid $300 hopefully he gets it back.

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