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Camo ss questions

Article about: Hello, I was just wondering a camo ss even existed. If they did, how rare are they and where would they be used?

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    Quote by Bond View Post
    I saw they were there after I posted. A shame they are not bigger to enable a closer examination of the wire, the paint and the decal, but I still stand by my post. As someone else posted, mostly, if it is too good to be true, it ain't. This would be a very desirable and valuable helmet and anyone who is capable of posting it on the web would be capable of finding out it's value and would probably offer it to a big dealer IMO.

    I can also see it has a dome stamp, another nice bonus for a buyer,or rather another bit of pimping for the unwary.
    Didn't think about him selling it to a dealer. He lives near Philadelphia PA, Like 10 roads away.

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    I commend you on trying to figure this one out but I would recommend soliciting the advice of experienced collectors on anything like this.

    Here are the hardest helmets to identify for collectors as real and legitimate, with number 1 being the toughest.
    3. Camo painted helmets.
    2. SS helmets.
    1. Wire helmets.
    Multiply by a degree of 2 for any combination. Multiply by a factor of 8 for all 3.

    Rarity of SS helmets after black SS are camos, then Wire SS. A Camo Wire SS, is like finding a 10 pound gold nugget in your dog's business. It just doesn't happen.

    My point is this. Flying solo trying to identify a wire camo SS as a real one is very dangerous tightrope walking indeed. Myself I would send pics out to other trusted SS helmet collectors for opinions before I dropped the cash and even then an in hand would be very critical. Speaking of cash, a real wire SS camo, in this kind of condition I can see topping $30-35 K - easy. Something tells me the asking price of this is nowhere near that on Craig's List.

    Looking at this one with the ever critical eye, the wire has and paint have what looks like a faux interaction, the camo is unconvincing as period painted and the decal appears to be a Pocher on an ET M40 which appears to be a Luftwaffe painted interior. Pochers on anything M40 is very very rare and almost always reissued. This shows no evidence of being reissued as they are typically grey painted. The decal certainly has a flat appearance to it, and appears unconvincing as a period decal from the pics provided.

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    So it's fake?

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    Quote by kylesbullets View Post
    So it's fake?
    In a word, yes.

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    Judging by these pics the decal appears to be a reproduction. Can u try n get close up shots of the decal? Would like to try an ID this type of fake. By the way, what's the asking price?

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    I asked for close up pictures of the decals and no response. For this and a Fallschirmjäger helmet was 6200 dollars. I thought he was selling something that he didn't know the value of or looked in a old price guide....

    - - Updated - -

    Here it is

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    If that helmet was the real deal he wouldn't try n sell it on CL.

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    I've found real stuff that checked out on here for good deals. from craigslist.

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    I think you'll find the odd good item on CL but a wire camo SS and a FJ helmet for $6000, the seller knows exactly what he's doing.

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    I do not like the decal,sorry.

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