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Could this be genuine ??

Article about: Hi came across this helmet and was wondering if there were any obvious signs of it being a fake

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    Default Could this be genuine ??

    Hi came across this helmet and was wondering if there were any obvious signs of it being a fakeCould this be genuine ??Could this be genuine ??Could this be genuine ??Could this be genuine ??Could this be genuine ??

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    Circuit advertisement Could this be genuine ??
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    I would think that you may as well get ripping on taking and posting some VERY qualitative & high resolution close-up images of both decals...
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    You will need to post close up (macro) photos of the decals for the senior collectors to look at. Natural light works best.

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    Thanks guys I'll try and get some close ups on Friday , my D800 should produce some hi-resolution pics :-)

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    Some close-ups of both decals would be great for a proper evaluation.


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    Do not buy this helmet until you post proper pics of the decals. Make sure you do not take fish-eye angled shots, which means that the camera is so close it throws the graphics off. At this point i'm only guessing. It could be a high-end fake. I also noticed that there is paint missing from under and around the runic shield. That gives me great concern.

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    Somethings not adding up. I've been looking at both decals and based on the pics you have provided i'm not comfortable with either. That party decal is not the expected Pocher. The wear doesn't look right, or maybe its just the quality of the pics.

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    I just checked my personal data base of well-known fake party shields and just found a dead match. This increases the chances of the runic decal being a fake, as well. I think the runic decal is bad too. The logical explanation to the missing paint around the decal area is when the faker was rubbing in the chemicals to make it look old, thus removing some of the paint in the process. Let's just wait for some pics. At this point I'm not convinced it's a good one.

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    Hi, i agree with SSamir, the runic decal appears to have been placed on top of an area where there is a lot of old paint loss. I would guess that this may have been a decaled helmet once, the decals were then scratched off during or just after the war, then these fake ones placed on at a later date. Also the runic decal does not appear to show much in the way of a metallic element. Leon.
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    Thanks guys I'll get some quality pics on Friday

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