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DD SS m35?

Article about: Hey guys! Well there was a guy on one of the many facebook pages i'm on who recently acquired a large lot of vet bringback items. One of the items included a SS double decal Lid (I think its

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    Hey guys, first post here. Ryan is helping me out with this helmet, as I just recently acquired it from the bringback vets son. I will try to post better pictures of the stickers. All this guys stuff was sitting in a cedar chest in the basement. There was a cz 27 with holster, a belgium made small pistol, a german flare gun, 3 shooting lanyards with metal unscrewing acorns, 5 ground assault medals (one is missing the pin, one is missing the pin and what it attaches to, the other 3 are in good shape, 2 cotton athletic jerseys, and a few other small things. I wanted the guns for my collection.

    Thanks, Tyler Wells
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture DD SS m35?   DD SS m35?  

    DD SS m35?   DD SS m35?  

    DD SS m35?  

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    I'm sure you can see, but if not ET66 is marked, then there is 4390 and what appears to be a 6 underneath it. I think? the leather inside says O'Stix? Co

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    Also, the vet was a truck driver in the war. I also acquired a bunch of maps, theres a roster list of names that I assume he was with as his name is on it, and theres another 'booklet' of paper that describes 'the highlights of history of company 'I' 476 QM TRK REGT"

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    Hi and welcome aboard. So I hear your selling the helmet, if so, im interested, pm me.


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    Hi, well I stand corrected and apologise from my original post. These pictures show the details I was looking for ,Very nice ET decals,they seemed to have un-even breaks on the small images but they are clearly good from these images, maybe i'm just becoming to cynical! A very good looking helmet. Leon.
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    Tyler it's a good DD SS ET, which falls right into the correct lot sequence for these and if memory serves me correct has lot nr twins out there. Nice example, charge Samir at least $13,000. :-)

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    thousands for a german helmet all be it a SS one,man the worlds gone crazy !.

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    I'd be bring the vet some cash as I'm sure you didn't pay 13k, but that's just me.

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    DD SS m35?DD SS m35?
    Here's your photographs the correct way, which helps with the authentication. I retract my original thoughts about the tone. Good Luck and congratulations, that is quite the score. One I wouldn't be able to bring myself to sell.

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    The guy I got this stuff from is a family friend of mine, personally, I didn't realize it had this much value, I will be getting back with him. I don't know why the photos posted sideways, when I uploaded them to attach them to the post, they did that.

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