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Dd ss m40

Article about: I agree with Mo and Steve. A great reenactor helmet for sure. As far as collectibility from a scale of 1-5 with one being the most desired and five being the least, i'm afraid i'm gonna have

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    Default Dd ss m40

    I'll be frank, i have no idea on this one. I'm gonna say repro decals. Hopefully Doug will help me. I'm still trying to get an eye for these. Thanks.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Dd ss m40   Dd ss m40  

    Dd ss m40  

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    Default Re: Dd ss m40

    It looks like a fake Pocher SS decal to me, the pulver doesn't look right. Not keen on the party decal either, but better wait for more informed opinions, I'm still learning!

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    Default Re: Dd ss m40

    DD M40s are like hen's teeth. that should give a clue. 2nd clue is the 'chipping' to the decals where there is no consistant damage to the shell itself. Usually only Quist decals chip like that as I understand it. I think this is a poor attempt to age some bogus decals.

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    Default Re: Dd ss m40

    +1 on the decal comment (chippping in weird places)

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    Default Re: Dd ss m40

    More chips than Harry Ramsden.
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    Default Re: Dd ss m40

    Not only are double decal M40 rare, but maker SE is rare even in on its own right vis a vis SS helmets. This would put it into the rarity stratosphere - if real - which it's not ;-) Repro Pocher runic decal and repro ET party decal. One for shell value less time to remove those ghastly decals.

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    Default Re: Dd ss m40

    Thank you everyone. I suspected they were no good decals, and had remember once that you, Doug, made a comment about M40 DD SS helmets being very rare, and that was my first red flag. I'll see if I can get the shell for cheap, at least that is worth a little something. Thanks a lot, fellas!

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    Default Re: Dd ss m40

    In the future, always ask for straight on shots in macro mode of the decals. Classic trick the fakers use to deceive buyers. With SS helmets, the decal is everything! Good luck and thanks for sharing this with us.


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    Default Re: Dd ss m40

    The SE68 shell would be worth having if you can
    get it for a good price.........


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    Default Re: Dd ss m40

    I have to agree with Steve, I know a lot of fat headed reenactors (myself included) who really need size 68 shells. The decals are fake so offer a few dozen bucks for the shell and if he doesn't take it, walk away.

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