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Decal SS on originality

Article about: Hello! I will ask knowing friends, to prompt on originality of these decal. To сожелению, photo only such. Hello, J.Wais

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    The left one looks like a no as it appears to have been added on top of the rust remains and as Doug has said it has other issues , the right hand one looks like it could be ok but it is difficult to tell from the photos, does the right hand helmet have any makers marks etc on the inside ?

    The helmets that are shown from the dig don't seem to be the same as the ones that you have posted ??
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    No, I did not dig them. These helmets have been assessed on. I have greater doubts on originality decal "SS" . Here also I ask, at dear friends their opinion.

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    Too risky buying SS items, atleast for me :P

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    Quote by Sebastian View Post
    Too risky buying SS items, atleast for me :P
    Its risky buying any militaria, its a matter of knowledge and what to look for. For example I wont touch an SS Tk ring. But with anything thats damaged or relic, like this, and faked, like SS helmets are, to me it adds heavily to the risk factor.

    JWais I am afraid without better photos it will be near impossible to give you an opinion you "can take to the bank". All I can say is if it were me buying I would not buy either from these photos. Should I get a hands on with a 20x loupe or 200X ADM maybe my opinion might change. Relics are a tough sport and also not my area so I am extra extra extra (did I say extra?) cautious when evaluating them as fakers can and do use relics and good fake decals to turn a piece of junk into something of perceived value.

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