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Dutch collectors be aware!!!

Article about: by Bas Jonkers You're a moderator so thats your job . Thanks, - Bas Bas, You are treading a very fine line here. You have absolutely no right to take for granted the work the Moderators here

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    Default Re: Dutch collectors be aware!!!

    Quote by Bas Jonkers View Post
    You're a moderator so thats your job .

    - Bas

    You are treading a very fine line here. You have absolutely no right to take for granted the work the Moderators here do. We do it to keep the forum running smoothly and to make sure the members here have the best place to discuss their hobby.

    Your comment above speaks volumes as you obviously have no idea of the work the forum staff do behind the scenes to keep things in order. It really does not help when people make statements such as yours. The reason we don't allow juniors here - under 18 years old - is because we end up spending most of our time babysitting the odd individual who has no idea of the correct way to conduct themselves, teach them manners and correct behaviour in society. We do not participate here for that. We also want to talk about our hobby in a place where our fellow enthusiasts have the same interests.

    We have several younger members here as you know and all of them can conduct themselves in an adult manner, hold a conversation with senior members and offer respect to those here with the knowledge to help them. They show courtesy and politeness to their peers and do not have to use swear words or speak to older and wiser collectors or forum staff with appearent disdain as if we're skivvies to tidy up the bad behaviour of others.

    We are not your parents, we do not have to put up with bad language, to go around correcting your mistakes and picking up after you.

    We actually spend more time pacifying other members who you've upset and wonder why on earth we're putting up with an individual jeopardising the harmony of the forum.

    Do not use bad language - you're twelve years old. It might seem 'cool' and the thing to do in front of your friends but not here.

    You are not playing games on a computer or games consul, that is fantasy, this is the real world with real people.

    Learn some manners and learn some respect.

    Think before you type.

    If you don't know what you're talking about, don't talk. Ask questions.

    You know very little at the moment so why not take the time to study what you're interested in and again - ask questions.

    Get your act together, take on board the advice that is being given here and do something about it.

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    Default Re: Dutch collectors be aware!!!

    Gents, I feel its time to bring it "ALL" to a close,, as several warnings have already been given. Our efforts to reach out in patience has been brought to its limit,,,,the sorrys are running out and carries no weight anymore. There are other areas that need attention and less focus on one individual. School is out and class is dismissed!! This young person has not taken into consideration after several warnings,,that this is not a playground,, but continues in a direction of distraction. This members only chance of survival here is to lay back and research,, and ask pertinent questions without name calling or disrespect. Lets move on!
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    Default Re: Dutch collectors be aware!!!

    I hope what you say happens Larry.

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    Default Re: Dutch collectors be aware!!!

    Agreed, and on that note this one is closed. This was never a bad helmet and should not have been brought up as such.

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