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Et ss

Article about: ET helmet up for review. I know there are lousy pics, but since i'm probably gonna see it in hand in a couple of days, touch and feel it, it would be nice to hear some opinions from these pi

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    I have a good feeling about this one... hope it turns out to be as right as it appears to my layman eyes --- cue Doug, I gueSS
    Really nice to have the FP number and name too, looks nice and possibly researchable (?) --- good luck, Alvin!

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    Thanks Andreas, yes I hope so as well. I would assume it's most possible to research this one, I would love to know more about it's wearer.

    Take care my friend!

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    ET gone home.-------------------lol.

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    Hello again friend , I have to say from these images I see no problem with this being a good "scrubbed" SS ET decaled helmet. If the price is reasonable go for it, but do not go mad as it is at the end of the day a very damaged piece. Good luck, Leon.
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    It has an honest appearance IMO.

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    Hi Al,

    It looks like a good ET, with matching patina and the scrubbed look of the decal matches the same on the shell. It's definitely been cleaned or scrubbed, probably period done as well, to remove winter whitewash or something similar.

    The lot number 900 matches another M40 ET SS SD in my SS helmet database, so all things considered and without having it in hand I'd say it's worth taking a run at.

    The FP number makes this a very special helmet and someone like Dieter at Stenger Historica would be worthwhile contacting and getting him to research the name on this one. I use Dieter a lot and have amazing results. Even my friend Kelly H uses him now for his SS lids.

    Having an SS helmet with a name and identifiable unit is very, very cool.


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    I like it. With the name & FP# you may also have a face to go with it. My compliments if u buy it.

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    Thanks for all comments guys. I agree with you Doug, all components seem to fit together like lotnr, patina etc. It's hard to get contact with the guy since he doesn't answer. But I guess there's good reasons for that, i'll keep you in touch if I buy it.

    Cheers Al

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    Default The eagle has not landed...

    But the runes have Picked it up today, thanks for all help. Took some quick pics, not the best quality and some got tilted (didn't figure out how to turn them around), but here it is:

    Et ssEt ssEt ssEt ssEt ssEt ssEt ssEt ss
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Et ss   Et ss  

    Et ss   Et ss  

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    Good grab!

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