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Fake M34 SS Blackie being sold by eMedals

Article about: by MikeEM Doug, Thank you for the comments. As I mentioned, we are adamant not to sell fakes and to respect the collecting community. I will personally review the items you have mentioned. I

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    Default Fake M34 SS Blackie being sold by eMedals

    I am very busy at work but wanted to post this thread as a warning to others and to completely distance myself from this s*** helmet.


    This helmet I used to own, sold to me by Bob Iqbal. I sold it to a fellow collector in Canada after owning it for a few years. However, I refunded his money when I determined, on my own volition, that the decals were postwar fakes. I have absolute unequivocal proof they are fakes as these identical decals appear on a fake M35 Blackie, a postwar civic made black helmet, and another fake Blackie, as well as the party decal found on a fake police M42 sold in Australia.

    It is in Kelly's book but is a fake, and I have discussed it at length with Kelly.

    I returned the helmet to Bob recently and he refunded me to my satisfaction.

    RoyA just sent me the link to eMedals.

    It is known it is a fake to Bob. How it got to eMedals I do not know.

    Buyer beware on this one. You will not be refunded like I was.

    I would like to know who sent it to eMedals?

    Pics are posted here:

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    Circuit advertisement Fake M34 SS Blackie being sold by eMedals
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    It's extremely tempting to suggest that all fakes that are absolutely and finitely discovered to Be fakes should be destroyed...otherwise, situations like this happen-the collector is quite understandably reluctant to lose the considerable money he invested into it and so he pawns it off on another to let Them worry about it. What is the point of allowing them to exist? Is it any different than keeping a fake Mona Lisa or a counterfeit 1804 Silver Dollar?

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    I actually was doing just that and not letting this go, taking a multi-thousand dollar hit on it in the process, so this very thing would not happen. However new information which came to me prompted me to reconsider that avenue of thought and I was rightly and promptly refunded by Bob who was a stand up guy on this from the get go.

    Not many collectors are going to take a multi-thousand dollar hit to "save the next guy". These should go back up the "chain" and refunds handed out as I did with my friend when I discovered it was a fake years after selling it to him. If that happens the one who made the fake in the first place will be hung with it.

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    Strange that it has gone from the guy who refunded you to being for sale again.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    It gets especially frustrating to the burned collector when the original seller will not Take the item back. Then you have a person who invested, say, $5000, sitting there with a piece of worthless junk insulting him every time he looks at it and no way to get his money back. Sadly, many feel their only option is, as you say, to pass it on to the next guy to deal with it. It basically boils down to 1. Knowingly sell some one Else the fake you've got and at least not be out your money or 2. Take the hit and live with it. But, with most collectors not being wealthy and able to swallow a multi-thousand dollar loss, the choice is pretty much a foregone thing. So they launch the garbage back into the collecting stream and count themselves lucky and live with the guilty conscience. And so, the fakes keep on circulating and burning others again and again for sometimes decades.

    (And, no-I wasn't referring to You, Doug! Just commenting on the sad fact of known garbage items continuing on their elicit ways around the World year after year...We can all thank the damned Fake producers-the true baldfaced Thieves- for Starting this disgusting cycle of revolving money eating trash in the hobby world and making otherwise honest people into second generation thieves in the process)

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Hi DougB. these links does not work ? Can you post the pics. here ? So we know what the helmet looks like !? So other people not get burn`d on this helmet ! And for the future , when people reads this tread , so people can see the helmet, when the links is long gone !! Thanks. SF

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    The GHW2 link works but you have to be a member.

    Here is the eMedals link again

    An Extremely Rare Black M34 SS Helmet | eMedals

    I will post the photos when time permits, I'm up to my eyeballs at work.

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    My hat off to you Doug. Jim G.

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    Thx Jim and thanks to you as well.

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    Wow Doug! You got quite the eye to spot that, needless to say your a key asset to the helmet collecting world.

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