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Fake SS Decal

Article about: Well i dunno what a Partridge goes for these days LOL i'll see if we can get Dave to have a guess and i'll reveal the winner

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    Default Fake SS Decal

    Now Guys i reckon i'm probably 50-50 when it comes to decals but i'm gunna go out on a limb as catergorically state that this IS fake! all in favour say AYE
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    Default Re: Fake SS Decal

    AYE AYE skipper

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    Default Re: Fake SS Decal

    Thats a pretty sturdy limb to go out on Phill - I'll join ya!

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    Default Re: Fake SS Decal

    Arh me hearties, I mean Aye me hearties

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    Default Re: Fake SS Decal

    Hahahahah Guys or should i say Shipmates now we get to play "how much do they want for it" please submit your guesses in an orderly fashion.

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    Default Re: Fake SS Decal

    Arrr.... A flaggon of rum?

    Well I would say its going to be a lowish number to get a quick spur of the moment sale, $950?

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    Default Re: Fake SS Decal

    Not real close Bud shall we wait a bit and see if we get another player? Lol

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    Default Re: Fake SS Decal

    Lol, ah well no fluffy toy for me. I guess the seller is more the "screw them out of every penny type"

    Danmark should be here in a sec, maybe we just need to get his attention

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    Default Re: Fake SS Decal

    Lol Mate ya can have as many guesses as ya like, ya might just get that fluffy toy!

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    Default Re: Fake SS Decal

    I'm back from trawling "pirate bay" for unsuspecting sellers who don't know what they have ...... ( no luck so far )
    I'll go for TWO flaggons of rum, FIFTY pieces of eight 100 gold doubloons ........ and a partridge in a pear tree!
    ......woz I close?

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