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Fake SS Helmet?

Article about: Don't always rely on the position of the decals. You will come across helmets with decals that are high, low, and off center to the left or right. These were applied by hand and it could be

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    Default Fake SS Helmet?

    Just bought it wondering if it was fake.

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    Circuit advertisement Fake SS Helmet?
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    Default Re: Fake SS Helmet?

    has this got two decals on it. clear and in focus photos would be better. thanks

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    Default Re: Fake SS Helmet?

    Postwar reissue ( look at the size of the chinstrap bales! ) with repro decals IMO
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    Default Re: Fake SS Helmet?

    Hi and welcome to the forum,i am sorry to say that in my opinion this is a fake.The decal in the first picture looks to have been placed over a large chip in the paint work(top left)also one side of the shield has a soft break where as the other is sharp,that's no good! Also i am not keen on the inner components,especially the chinstrap bales,they look to large for the chinstrap itself.Either the chinstrap has shrunk or it's a fake,or the bales are not of the correct type. Leon.

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    Default Re: Fake SS Helmet?

    If you can return it please do so. Total fabrication. SS helmets are the most faked german helmets out there.

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    Default Re: Fake SS Helmet?

    thought so, thank you.

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    Default Re: Fake SS Helmet?

    what i was getting around to say on this item is that. not saying this helmet is right in any way. but it appears to me that the faker has used 2 fake ca pocher decals both sides of this m40 helmet. whitch would make this very rare. would this be right. and$$$

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    Default Re: Fake SS Helmet?

    Agree. Not a good one.

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    Default Re: Fake SS Helmet?

    Get your money back.

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    Default Re: Fake SS Helmet?

    Hi. I'm still learning about these decals but looking at these pics the decals(both of them) appear to be set high up on the shell/too close to the vent holes and they don't seem to match the wear on the shell. The rust is thicker on the skirt and it appears that the rest of this shell may have been sanded although it is hard to tell from the pics.

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