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German nazi helmet (Fake or real?)

Article about: I would like some information about this helmet, is it fake or real? What value has this helmet got? And what kind of helmet is it? Thank you for your help in advance

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    Don't be downhearted though, if you are serious about getting into helmets just stick at it and post up potential purchases for review here first. You will be able to properly judge for yourself before you know it.

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    Hello Blufire, sadly the guys are right.
    A repainted m42 shell with a reproduction liner and decals.
    I hope the other one you bought is better?
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    Thanks for all your responses,
    Sadly the second helmet I've purchased is the same quality.
    So if I get this straight, literly everything about this is fake? I thought since it weight pretty heavy and it looks a bit old (leather) it could of been real.
    Well 100 euro seems most likely to good to be true.

    How much u think this helm will cost?

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    A good un-rusted bare steel shell can be about 100 euros so you did alright. Are there any markings in the skirt of the helmet? At the back of the neck and / or the wearer's left ear. I think it's an hkp.

    The liner and strap are certainly bad I'm afraid, they are only barely similar to wartime German items. The liner band is I think Czech from an M53 helmet, the leather is possibly a more recent addition to the band. The strap might also be post war Czech but I don't recognise it to be certain. The paint is the wrong colour for an M42, and the decals are also definitely bad.

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    Could anyone please give me a link to a helmet that is Real?

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    I'm sure it's worth 100 euros to someone, just not a collector.
    Move it on as a clear copy and whatever it sells for, cut your losses and chalk it up to experience.

    Regards, Dan
    " When you're chewing on life's gristle, don't grumble, give a whistle "

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    This lid belongs to a friend of mine and is a good representation of a mid / late war M42 like yours, in it's wartime spec. Textured dark grey paint, perhaps a single decal but often no decal. Note the differences in the liner, outer liner band, chinstrap attachment bales, and the details of the strap itself.

    German nazi helmet (Fake or real?)German nazi helmet (Fake or real?)German nazi helmet (Fake or real?)

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    As stated, an original M42 Shell...all else is fake. Not bad for the price though, and with some work it will still display nicley...
    cheers, Glenn

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    I'm not really certain if the steel is real noir fake, it weights about 1350 gram. If it's worth around 100 euro I would consider keeping it since i've purchased it for 50 euro each.

    Some say the shell is real, but the decals are fake? Why are the decals fake?

    How much does a real helmet cost?

    Also i've purchased this from a real veteran from the Netherlands whom sold 80 helmets already.

    I'm having my doubts.

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    Do some research on the forum. I'm sorry but the veteran is lying to you. There is an SS decal reference thread in this section.

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