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German nazi helmet (Fake or real?)

Article about: I would like some information about this helmet, is it fake or real? What value has this helmet got? And what kind of helmet is it? Thank you for your help in advance

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    I recommend checking with the Forum before entering a purchase, and not afterwards...
    You've been given good advice here by collectors who know their field...the shell itself is real, the rest fake, the price is fair for a decent shell...
    cheers, Glenn

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    Circuit advertisement German nazi helmet (Fake or real?)
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    Quote by bigmacglenn1966 View Post
    I recommend checking with the Forum before entering a purchase, and not afterwards...
    You've been given good advice here by collectors who know their field...the shell itself is real, the rest fake, the price is fair for a decent shell...
    cheers, Glenn
    I will be checking around more topics, still I'm a bit confused about being told that the shell is real but the rest fake?
    So the shell is from WO II?
    Decals (stickers) are fake?
    The leather is fake?

    I know i'm getting lots of advices from you all and I appreciate each one of them Sometimes I get confused through the large amount of responses since its my first thread and time on the forum.

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    What veteran are you talking about , a veteran of what ? A veteran who has sold 80 helmets !!!

    Everything about this helmet is fake apart from the actual steel itself , if you search around our forum you will find dozens of threads which feature both fake and real SS Helmets , the real ones costing thousands of euros so 100 euros for this thing is a bit of a give away !!
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    It's a real WW2 German helmet shell (but you still need to look for markings) that has been repainted recently, and had a fake liner stuck inside. That's about my limit of confusion busting skills, I hope it's enough.

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    Collecting of any item requires knowledge, therefore its important that you research as many good books , reference material, handle known original items, look at the amount of good helmets that have been posted in this forum, there are hundreds, some require very specialized knowledge, namely SS as these are the more costly of all helmets,and above all post pictures of any prospective purchase on here, you have been asked to look at specific areas in the helmets, please look and let us know what you find, it may be difficult now as these have been repainted, but you might be lucky

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    Look at the classified for sale section here for a helmet.

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    Quote by Bluefire View Post
    I'm not really certain if the steel is real noir fake, it weights about 1350 gram. If it's worth around 100 euro I would consider keeping it since i've purchased it for 50 euro each.

    Some say the shell is real, but the decals are fake? Why are the decals fake?

    How much does a real helmet cost?

    Also i've purchased this from a real veteran from the Netherlands whom sold 80 helmets already.

    I'm having my doubts.
    He says he is a veteran, that doesn't mean he is a veteran of some countries military even if he is a veteran that doesn't mean he is an honest veteran.
    Bull$hit artists are every where friend. Take that helmet back to him and see if it will fit in his rectum or at least beat him with it. That way you will get some satisfaction out of the transaction.

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    Looks like a original shell hkp (Saxony maker) type vents on M-42 if so will be stamped in rear skirt nothing else original sorry to say that has not been said. timothy

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    So it is clear: Yes, the steel shell is from Second World War. The leather liner and chinstrap are not genuine. The shell has been recently painted and has had false insignia placed on it (and very poorly done, I might add.)
    Many people will use the basic steel shell for display or for living history, by adding good quality replacement leather parts, and painting it in an authentic color and making it look like it did back then. These people will sometimes purchase good quality shells like yours and pay as much as 100E for them. 50 seems a good price for the shells that you have, so even though they are not as they were then, they are still a good purchase for you, and you could probably resell them for what you paid, or perhaps a bit more. Just be sure the new owners know that they have been altered.

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    As some people have said on here it can still look good as a display piece if you clean it up, good repo decals, paint etc.

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