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German nazi helmet (Fake or real?)

Article about: I would like some information about this helmet, is it fake or real? What value has this helmet got? And what kind of helmet is it? Thank you for your help in advance

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    Hello bluefire , you have already been told all you need to know about this one but I thought I would just say welcome to the forum and have a merry Christmas! Leon.
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    Circuit advertisement German nazi helmet (Fake or real?)
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    Quote by Bluefire View Post
    I'm not really certain if the steel is real noir fake, it weights about 1350 gram. If it's worth around 100 euro I would consider keeping it since i've purchased it for 50 euro each.

    Some say the shell is real, but the decals are fake? Why are the decals fake?

    How much does a real helmet cost?

    Also i've purchased this from a real veteran from the Netherlands whom sold 80 helmets already.

    I'm having my doubts.
    You have to decide which road you want to travel on , become a collector and toss away this piece of junk (speaking as a collector) or you keep buying these terrible mock-ups that are in no way whatsoever even remotely looking like a period used helmet.

    That's the crossroads you are on now , if you have a passion for history path A is the one to choose and it is also the much more expensive one. If you just want something to freak your friends out with by all means keep these. Just remember the forum you are posting in is about original pieces.
    An original single decal SS costs at the moment around 5500 USD. Heer and Luftwaffe are much cheaper.

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    I think it is fair to say that Bluefire posted his helmets on this forum to get advice on the helmet to find out if it was an original piece. New collectors have to find out from somewhere!
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    I don't doubt that he is a sadder but wiser fellow. This happens to all of us eventually. It's unfortunate that it happens too many times to new collectors who then become discouraged with the pursuit of good pieces, afraid they will be cheated again. Bluefire actually got a cheap education as he really paid about what they are actually worth as good shells.

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    One man's trash is another man's treasure...ground-dug relic helmets don't have much investment value either, but they display well...
    Many collectors simply cannot afford those "perfect" helmets that some of you own, but would still like a German helmet to display on the shelf...
    cheers, Glenn

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    If you are serious about collecting German helmets, read the pinned threads in this section.

    Steel Helmets at War relics forum

    I think enough has been posted on this one.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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