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Have you seen an SS decal like this before?

Article about: Well this is another Facebook group oddity. This popped up today in one of the facebook groups I am in for WWII Relics and such. The guy claims that the decal is "Right as Rain" an

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    The sad fact of it is, that though it's simple for us to say that we'd pass on it, this seller will regardless end up selling it to some naive fool of a collector who will swallow his nonsense and proudly display his "treasure" for years to come...

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Circuit advertisement Have you seen an SS decal like this before?
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    Thanks All for the Help, it was greatly appreciated.

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    The owner of this Facebook page has been sniffing to many highlighters if he thinks that's right. It doesn't even remotely resemble anything that was stuck on the side of a helmet ever in the history of the world before 1945. If he does try and sell that he is a huge scammer and a thorn in the side of the collecting world.

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    Al Fl***** (name removed to protect his identity), these helmets were reproduced for a number of reasons. Primarily being, the guys that were deployed overseas very rarely got a chance to get one of these. So, they continued their collecting habits post war and purchased German militaria over here. According to Doug (the largest SS collector in North America-I am sure you have seen his walls of SS helmets) this helmet is bad, along with about 5 other knowledgeable collectors. I am not trying to be rude or disparaging, we all get one put on us from one time or another, but I believe it is inappropriate to call out a collector's age based solely on the fact that you need to defend your item. The liner is incorrect for the helmet ,as denoted by the reddish hue. The liner ring is for an M35, when this is obviously an M42 (the germans weren't in such a pinch resource wise that this was necessary). This is a "pimped out" post war parts helmet. It's not just the "young collectors" saying it this time, it is someone with over 30 years of experience and an SS collection ranging into the millions. If you want to see Doug's collection:

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    My response^

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    Trying to reason with idiots is a waste of time, no offense.

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    I do not think a german helmet page on facebook is smart. Too many eyes and too little privacy.
    I like the anonimity of a forum.

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    Norwegian liner, probably . I've never seen a decal like this before, either. Doug has one with the white runes on black shield but it doesn't look the same as the one depicted in the OP.

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    Ah, the rectangular rune variant. LOL.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    I think it was a KISS bumper sticker and someone removed the K and I hahaha

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    Quote by Jerry B View Post
    Ah, the rectangular rune variant. LOL.
    Yeah good ol' rectangular rune decal, havent seen many of them lately

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