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Help Needed with SS Helmet

Article about: Good morning/ afternoon/ evening to you all. This is my first post here as I've been searching for an authentic SS helmet for a while and I think I may have found a good one but just want to

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    I am on the way to the bank now! haha!

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    Default First helmet in my collection

    Thank you to everyone who helped me verify that this helmet was indeed good... Just received her in the mail today. I am a 23 year old college student living in the U.S. who wants to keep history alive. Here is a photo of the helmet on my desk. Looking forward to collecting items one at a time and saving them for future generations!

    Help Needed with SS Helmet

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    Congratulations and job well done. Your first helmet is something most collectors aspire to but never get to own.

    Regards, Al
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    Congrats and especially on a US college budget. Good display. Probably will not go over to well in a dorm room though and might reduce the need to stock up on prophylactics.

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    Congrats! A great helmet. And displayed nicely.

    Two great books btw...but "The Rise and Fall of the 3rd Reich" is dated and written with some bias. Here is a good link to some books highly recommended by member Friedrich-Berthold. A man who knows his German history.

    Thoughts on a book?

    P.S. I think Aldo meant...most collectors aspire to BUT never get to own ... LoL
    "Please", Thank You" and proper manners appreciated

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    Yes, basically we all want one but few of us actually get one, lol it’s been a long day

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    i remember this helmet from the other thread, really liked it. Looks great in its display case.
    This is the start - you'll be getting more now...


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    Quote by Aldo View Post
    Yes, basically we all want one but few of us actually get one, lol it’s been a long day
    Great helmet.
    Al your statement is also relevant to TK's!

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    Great suggestion on the book! Will definitely be reading. Thanks!

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    Well done on this as a first post! It is a good ET SS decal, a nice looking helmet. Leon.
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