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The Holiest of GrailSS have arrived.

Article about: I dont know if you remember about 6 weeks or so I started a thread asking "What is your next purchase?" in the helmet section. For my answer I had identified 2 SS helmets, ones tha

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    Default Re: The Holiest of GrailSS have arrived.

    Kelly is a good friend, it matters not to me a ranking of order. I love the study of the German Stahlhelm and the service branch of the SS is my particular keen focus. Where I "fit" is completely unimportant to me, I don't enjoy the hobby to stoke my ego, but to learn, share, study, and most importantly to touch history.

    I have been most fortunate to able to study decal types and SS helmets en masse and through ownership vs books, photos, fora or 2nd hand knowledge and in hand is invaluable. This decal type is so rare to be able to have a real example is still unbelievable to me.

    So I agree with the statement that it's the size of the passion vs the size of the collection.

    BTW I still owe everyone an ET SS decal quiz and my next article will be SS decal variants.

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    Default Re: The Holiest of GrailSS have arrived.

    I think I speak for all of us that your willingness to share your knowledge is GREATLY apprecitated. Your devotion to our collective passion is clearly the driving force, and it is that type of excitement that keeps this hobby (for that is what it is to me) fresh. Keep on truckin', and congratulations on the new additions to the wall. Best regards, Jim G.

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    Default Re: The Holiest of GrailSS have arrived.

    In all honesty, I, too, would have to rate Doug's collection as being one of the finest-if not The finest-collections of German steel helmets in existence.(Whether he admits it or not! ) I was, though, abit dismayed to see the small rust specks on the VT decal, but, I'm sure, that with a little wire brushing and perhaps some light sanding and steel wool work, those spots will come right off and clean up like new. A spot of touch up paint then and it won't even be noticeable at all, much. At any rate, congrats on picking up 2 helmets that even Doug himself rates as being of the rarest of the rare! Excellent job! (Hope you've got Plenty of Insurance on that collection!)

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Default Re: The Holiest of GrailSS have arrived.

    Maybe get a nice new VT decal off ebay and lay it right over that old rusty one?

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    Default Re: The Holiest of GrailSS have arrived.

    Quote by Wagriff View Post
    ...I'm sure, that with a little wire brushing and perhaps some light sanding and steel wool work, those spots will come right off and clean up like new.
    Thanks William, there are some great collections out there I know and to be mentioned among them is indeed an honour but not one I seek. As for what you say, believe it or not I was fortunate enough to own the hand rendered SS-VT helmet pictured in the large Beaver/Hicks book and somebody had in fact touched up the two dings in the helmet! (insert scream here!) I could not believe it. The former owner really wanted it back and was able to trade it for an uber rare DD SS RZM helmet, named to one of the senior officers of the early SS, and completely researched with the largest file I have ever seen and with clear ties to Himmler, Heydrich, Hitler. It's a little rougher condition but this is touching history like I said before, and that is far more important to me! But who in their right mind would honestly touch up such a helmet?? I guess I don't understand that mentality, it is not like restoring an old car.

    Jim thanks for the kind words, your collection is one of those I mention about great collections and collectors and I wish I had time to take more pictures but am planning a bunch of pictorials once my new Canadian war room is complete. But I have Canadians and Germans fraternizing in the German room right now and they are getting along famously, no arguing, no shooting, its rather crowded, but quiet LOL. Once I get that room done, the camera will get a good workout.

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    Default Re: The Holiest of GrailSS have arrived.

    I look forward to seeing the new war room.

    I suppose my 'king helmet of helmetdom' would have to be Hitler's WWI stahlhelm, if it even exists anymore. Imagine holding the thing that was constructed to protect that crazy brain of his...

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    Default Re: The Holiest of GrailSS have arrived.

    Doug; as a new owner of a m42 et ss I will look forward to your next tutorial!

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    Just browsing some old threads and thought I would bump this one for any new members. Not one you can see anywhere else

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    Thanks Andy. These both are actually rarer than the mirror runic decal helmet. Neither are known to have any other brothers.

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    I was here because somebody posted one up on WAF today, I'm sure it's bad though. The two circular borders on the runic are very close together on the WAF helmet, I imagine with such a small scale of manufacture there would be no variation like that.

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