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just waiting on the mail... SS Relic on the way.

Article about: After looking at this chart I think it's an ET M40.

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    Default Re: just waiting on the mail... SS Relic on the way.

    Quote by Schwerpunkt View Post
    I think that is very flawed logic and pure speculation with a good dose of wishful thinking on your part. All helmets found above and below ground sat on soldier heads , some survived the battle and are still in extremely used to very good condition today. Some got buried during a battle with the owner , some would be left behind in a bunker by a rookie who never fired a shot in anger or by the clerks you refer to. Such bunkers were often blown up with everything in it. Some helmet depots just fell in enemy hands and were destroyed , the debris scattered through the woods to be sold as a combat helmet found in Russia in the 20th and 21st century.

    I'm just saying that the level of oxidation is no parameter for measuring how much combat a helmet saw. So unless the helmet has a name and a feldpost number with which to research the soldier its true history will remain buried forever.

    The helmet in my avatar is a veteran bringback :
    The helmet was brought back by King Reynolds from Nebraska who served in the 35th army (activated in 1940 and sent to war in 1944 , took part in D-day till the end)
    I have an envelope with newspaper clippings mostly of Nebraskan soldiers and 3 photos of King Reynolds. I wouldn't call this one mint at all.
    Quote by DougB View Post
    Flawed logic indeed Frank. I have a researched Q DD SS brought back from Berchtesgaden (inscribed), a researched ET DD SS from Sachsenhausen Oranieinburg, these have not just soul but a grim aura. One DD Heer to a Knights Cross holder, many named and researched to combat units. Condition does not determine anything but how it looks and how much time it has left on this earth. PS you add fiberglass filler to it and you destroy any history it may have. So you can't both a rusty history filled relic with soul or beautiful looking SS helmet.
    Quote by Schwerpunkt View Post
    I was a bit offended when you slagged the helmet in my avatar without even seeing it upclose yes.
    Again I fail to see the point your trying to make. You are saying you prefer a helmet that spend 60 years in the ground deteriorating than a helmet that got a few scars from kids playing with it during those 60 years ?
    Personally I think the kids do a better job preserving history than the earth. Just talking pure condition now. I see merrit in digging up relics and preserving them but lets cut the assault and false assumptions with regards to helmets in better condition.

    BTW You can you see the difference between a battle scar and a spade that hit the helmet in 2011 when digging it up ?
    Hello, I'm really communicating poorly today

    I have NOTHING against your beautiful helmet, it's awesome. It has fantastic provenance and I adore it. And Doug's collection is wonderful, too.

    I'm just looking for the acknowledgement that interesting relics can be historically important and that they carry a certain "something" that a shelved collection does not. That's all...

    Now let me be clear... I'm looking to buy a handful of nice $2K+ helmets as a hedge to outperform my 401K over the next 10 years. And I won't be adding any relics to that collection

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    Default Re: just waiting on the mail... SS Relic on the way.

    Quote by Dimas View Post
    I think that helmet was found at the 9Kp Danemark positions, really this area is being forbidden for digging. But I 'am taking the part in the German Volksbund researching in this area, and all what we found we gave to the museum, really for me it is just a history, and even the remains of the equipment in that condition- to me is not point to collect. I know that some guys has seen where the volksbund works, and after that they followed step by steps. Buying relics is allways propagate that kind of hunting, and in most caces destroy the chain in the research
    Dimas makes a good point re the helmet and he will be correct i suspect re it's origin , which digger did you buy it off ?
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    Default Re: just waiting on the mail... SS Relic on the way.


    I've got the helmet protected in a clear coat now.

    From now on... no more relics. I have a couple and now I want some purdy helmets.

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    Default Re: just waiting on the mail... SS Relic on the way.

    Its a shame what the post has done to your helmet but leave as is now as it will never be the same as it was when it came from the ground ,its still got the same history attached no matter what condition its in so enjoy it and keep any fibreglass well away from it, heres mine from demjansk,its in the same condition as when i got it without doing anything to it, rgds Dave
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Click image for larger version. 

Name:	GetAttachmentCAP5W4H9.jpg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Default Re: just waiting on the mail... SS Relic on the way.

    Hey Mate,

    I got a relic M35, no decals or anything, but I used spray on fish oil, which actualy draws any remaining moisture out and sets hard, without discolouration, came out a bit shiny, so i also put a matt varnish lightly over it and it is now rock solid and hasn't lost any of its original look.

    It is the helmet on the far left, obviously! Looks a little shiny causeof the flash...
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Click image for larger version. 

Name:	P1080004.jpg 
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    Default Re: just waiting on the mail... SS Relic on the way.

    It never ceases to amaze me how well the decals survive when the rest of the helmet is all but dust...

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    Default Re: just waiting on the mail... SS Relic on the way.

    I know peoples with absolutely different look onto the collecting. One part of collectors prefer mint condition items, but in that case they collect not a battleworn items, but a military depot unissued items. Other collectors like worn and salty items. And other part collects only ground found items- in that case not just items but history with chained story to the item.
    I prefer salty, but not dug up items, better with traceable history, better untouch, but even I have example in mint condition- I will have it, but not all of my items must be perfect in condition.
    My friend is making home museum, and he is a guy from the first category. He restore some cars, even removing original paint and repairing damages recieved in the battles, he prepared cars as his wish is riding with them over the city as in the modern Ferrary. In that case that items to me fully lost authenticity, that car was newer in that condition, even they was mint and just from a factory, over a weeks and months in the front roads, being scratched with soldier's steel nails and soils, dropped weapons and boxes, shrapnel etc, that vehicles will look rusty, scartched and dirty over one week of usage. Look of the restored items like that will not wonder me- but I'am getting qualmed, and will newer spend a minute for a looking a such exhibit...

    my Skype: warrelics

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    Default Re: just waiting on the mail... SS Relic on the way.

    Steel is covered just with paint, but decal is going over the paint, and covered with additional layer of lacquer, decal in most cases preserved between two layers of non oxidated materials, and the decal is made of non oxidated material too

    my Skype: warrelics

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    Default Re: just waiting on the mail... SS Relic on the way.

    i prefer original helmets, that were for sure in war.Probably a relic helmet, from ground was 100% in war.But if i could find a veteran helmet in perfect condition i would prefer it.It would be of course far more expensive...(and hard to find.thats why relics are better)

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    Default Re: just waiting on the mail... SS Relic on the way.

    I like FranzJons' helmet and would be happy to such a relic in my collection.

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