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M35 DD SS helmet, opinions please?

Article about: Hey guys, I'm new here and was wondering what your opinions are on this German helmet? Thanks, Gary

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    Default Re: M35 DD SS helmet, opinions please?

    I suggest the protagonists here - and you know who you are - take a deep breath, step away from your keyboards and reflect on the immature nature of your posts. This is very school playground so grow up a little please gentlemen.

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    Circuit advertisement M35 DD SS helmet, opinions please?
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    Default Re: M35 DD SS helmet, opinions please?

    Quote by Sonder287 View Post
    Doug, ever thought about publishing your own book on SS lot numbers? I'll be your first customer.
    It will go on GHW as a public service for collectors one of these days Samir ;-)

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    Default Re: M35 DD SS helmet, opinions please?

    Now that I am finished my popcorn, I'll chime in.

    Let us not forget the bigger picture here, and that is to help eachother, no matter what our collecting experience is in size, years or knowledge. We are all trying to help one another enhance our collections. We do this by using our own collections as reference, as well as our knowledge and, yes, even opinions. Opinions are always just opinions, even "expert" opinions, but what sets apart an "expert's" opinion is their research, knowledge, collection, and how much weight other collectors give the "expert's" opinion. I don't know of any school or university one can go to to learn how to collect Third Reich items, or many items for that matter. If there is one, sign me up.

    In addition, books are great tools, as stated above, but even books can be wrong, it's been proven in the past in many subjects. You have to formulate your own thoughts and opinions on items, and using information in books can help you do that. Books alone can't make the decision for you on whether or not to buy something. A hammer and chisel were great tools but only in the hands of someone that understood them and knew how to use them. There is nothing wrong with posting pictures of an item and asking for opinions. That's the point of this forum, correct?

    Lets all remember what the purpose is here and if you do not like an opinion someone gives, you are free to ignore that opinion. It is, after all, just an "opinion." And I highly value all of your opinions, I have been helped many times on this forum, and it has saved me from making purchases on bad items.

    So, lets get on with collecting and quit the internet sandbox slug fest.

    Enjoy your day.

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    Default Re: M35 DD SS helmet, opinions please?

    This thread has been monitored, and has reached the point where some posts have been removed.

    Gentlemen, Please keep things civil .... you attention to this notice is a general reminder as to the forum guidelines.

    Thank you.

    Gary J.

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    Default Re: M35 DD SS helmet, opinions please?

    Samir our NYC visit posts got deleted, it's ok I, still coming to NYC. ;-)
    Just so the forum knows there is no contention between Samir and I, we were getting off topic and discussing belly dancers in NYC.

    Carl, No need for getting upset over if a self published lotnr book is a better reference than Ken Ns helmet book. If you don't have the core knowledge or at least diligently work hard to acquire that knowledge, it is a moot point - your going to be swimming in a sea of sharks. One book wont arm you with it, you need hands on plenty of real examples to develop your sense of what's real and what's not. A lot number book really is of little value to a beginning collector and this is why Kens book is more valuable as it discusses and shows in detail a wide array needed for all levels of helmet enthusiasts, who can be better prepared to get the real deal to study.
    Cheers all, happy helmet hunting,

    Samir I have never seen a live belly dancer!

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    Default Re: M35 DD SS helmet, opinions please?

    Doug, you dont know what your missing, i had the opportunity to see a Turkish belly dancer and she was a rather "rotund" lady which does help but i nearly ended up in hospital when she was shaking her tassels right near my head, one of them caught me in the eye , i ended up looking at her like popeye and with the screwed up face, she then sat on my lap to apologise and nearly did me a right mischief

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