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M35 & m42

Article about: My name is Allan (new member)and I think I have a problem. The accompanying pictures are of two helmets I bought couple of years ago as real and original. Since then I've had three different

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    I wish I had known of this site before I started looking for a collection

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    Do you think you could email me this reply so I can record expert opinion on this helmet?

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    Sorry to be absent for so long but I've been seeking legal help and have been in contact with the seller for the provenance he said he would provide. I have not told him i know they're fakes yet. He has offered to resell it for me when he travels to the various military shows he attends here and in the states, instead of sending me proof. He would charge me 20% sellers fee. I can't do this because they're fakes so with the help of the forum opinions i am going to confront him with the facts. Hopefully he will return my money . Otherwise my lawyer says i have a good chance to reclaim in court. Will keep forum posted as proceedings develop. Thanks again for opinions.

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    Hope it works out for you Allan.


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    People like this need to be taught a lesson. Good for you to not pass along the helmet for another person to buy. As part of any legal proceedings it should be somehow stipulated that this helmet not be resold as an original. Or maybe marked in a way so it is apparent to all.

    "Please", Thank You" and proper manners appreciated

    My greatest fear is that one day I will die and my wife will sell my guns for what I told her I paid for them

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    Be prepared for him to tell you that the forum opinions are just that, and not facts. In fact, reading this thread you haven't a factual leg to stand on if you want to take him on and go legal on him. You best be fully prepared when you drop the hammer on him.

    Do you have a receipt describing the goods you paid for and your method of payment? Are you prepared for legal costs if it goes to litigation? Usually unless its a massive case of fraud you may well come out on the losing end of this one and be poorer for it.

    There are other sure fire ways of getting his attention other than legal as well (that don't involve threats of violence). PM me if you want to know what works. And trust me, it works.

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    Allan Fike -----I have news of my Quest for my money back. It's been in the courts for a year with no solution. The seller has offered me a SS dress sword as compensation. I have no pictures yet, but all I need to know is the value of sword like this worth the same as i laid out? ($3750) I have seen the sword a couple of years ago and it looks like a Heer design to me, from what Ive seen in the edged weapons section

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