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M40 q68 ss helmet

Article about: 1897 you need to find a reliable source of information about what you collect. Even with the poor pictures, many knowledgable collectors have already pointed out the numerous problems with t

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    Good nose you have there. You were able to sniff him out.

    You know what my problem is Doug? I like to give people the benefit of the doubt. I should have known better, especially for a Brooklynite.

    His helmet did not fool me, but his story did.

    I'm sure we will be seeing this helmet again in the near future somewhere on ioffer or CL.


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    I hope he just gets his refund and moves on, but yes we're going to see this for sale - by someone - somewhere in the future. I think it behooves us to give the benefit of the doubt Samir, were better off for it but also being vigilant and like I said I will be aggressive and challenge those who use these posting tactics to discredit, falsely accuse, or spread misinformation.

    The simple thing for a concerned collector would be to ask if real or not as there are concerns, not to argue and incessantly stand up for the seller who sold the pile of rubbish. Your either kidding yourself and perhaps "tough love" will save you from your ignorance and some $ down the road or your up to no good.

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    Gotta love it!!.....someone asks an opinion on an artifact,,,and then they are ready smack back with a contradicting answer. Games people play when the word "No" will not suffice,, when trying to help or teach.
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