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M40 Relic ss ???????????????????????????????????????

Article about: i sold it cheap but i also got it cheap i am glad you like it bratters wayne

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    Default Re: M40 Relic ss ???????????????????????????????????????

    i sold it cheap but i also got it cheap i am glad you like it bratters

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    Default Re: M40 Relic ss ???????????????????????????????????????

    It would be very kind of you if you could try and take a pic of it. If you say you can even see one or two "Sig" runes, it must be possible to get on a pic too.

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    Default Re: M40 Relic ss ???????????????????????????????????????

    i could only make out the faint remains of the border of the decal that's after 3 soak's in oxalic acid, i measured the border to the one remaining ss i had and they matched perfectly it must be ss due to the fact that there is No trace of the decal on the otherside.maybe i am wrong but i doubt it i have to say that a lot of helmets claiming to be police/ss are showing up with just the border remaining due to the fact the fakers are getting caught out thanks to the forums..i think we all need to be aware of that fact..this helmet as shown in the pics was sold to me a as a german relic NOT a ss i just found the decal after a soak

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    Default Re: M40 Relic ss ???????????????????????????????????????

    Wayne, I gotta lotta love for you brother, but anything that can not positively be identified as an SS is no SS.

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    Default Re: M40 Relic ss ???????????????????????????????????????

    what im gonna do is take the helmet to someone who has a macro lens, I sold my SLR and get closeups, and natural light sharp pictures, also I will draw on a seperate image what I think I see etc

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    Cool Re: M40 Relic ss ???????????????????????????????????????

    i think bratters pics will prove my point bro...this is one of them helmets that really need ultra sharp pics it was sold for peanuts anyhoot its not like i charged a fortune just because of the border i am from the old school of collecting/dealing i like to pass on good deals if i get them haha..i sometimes make a wee loss but then i can make a huge profit on another helmet..i got this at a good price and i sold it at a good price even after i did all the hard work soaking and srubbing

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    Default Re: M40 Relic ss ???????????????????????????????????????

    It's not about the money, that's irrelevant. Is there SS decal remains or not as claimed? So far there's nothing I see from pics posted to indicate its an SS, so new pics would be nice to see to support the claim.

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    Default Re: M40 Relic ss ???????????????????????????????????????

    I have to agree with Doug, to me I just can't see any decal there so I will be waiting for new pics with baited breath.

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    Default Re: M40 Relic ss ???????????????????????????????????????

    i'm no idiot there are remains of a border on the right side i think a rub with wax/oil will bring it out further imo,. For the record i Never claimed i could see runes JUST THE BORDER and it tallied with the shape and size of the ss decal AND i bought it as a plain jane relic until i wash it and FOUND the border..It was sold for 30 i think and to me thats very cheap even for a non decal relic in this condition

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    Default Re: M40 Relic ss ???????????????????????????????????????

    For the record this is my ORIGINAL ADD M40 ss relic……SOLD……. | WW2 Relics & Collectables

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