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M42 EF68 Single decal

Article about: Hello, Another helmet for the helmet experts at WarRelics! I would be very pleased if you could give your opinion, thank you. Model 42, EF68, production number 1438 or 1436 Unmarked chin str

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    Well then, here it is.

    Today I found a glass head, slightly too small for the helmet, but I like it more compared to these mannequin heads.

    Thanks again for helping me!

    Picture quality is bad, but will suffice.

    Edit: Is it ok for the liner to be mounted like this? Or is it wise to make some elevation so the head is in contact with the shell instead?

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    Nice to see that you have it now, but I think it is due for some more pictures made by you now
    If the leather is strong enough I think it won't suffer from being on the head but personally for an item I paid that much for would prefer to not risk damaging the leather, but that is up to you, looks nice though!

    and as for the "not quite fitting" issue I think some sort of foam would be good, my family has a hat store and we have lots of foam rings around, if it were my helmet I would use them, I bet you can get something similar at a local hardware store aswell

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    Not good to display this way. Time & pressure will eventually rip the holes in the liner tongues....I have also heard the foam heads release some type of gas that will effect leather in a negative way over time. If anything..get something that inner dome ONLY will rest on, not the leather if you insist on elevating it.
    The leather in this helmet appears somewhat care must be taken especially on a major investment
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    Thanks for the replies. Some valuable info for a beginner like me..

    I had some foam lying around, so I cut a piece to put between the shell and the liner. The pressure on the liner seems to be gone.

    However, foam that releases gasses is not something I would like to happen. So a wooden helmet rest would be better? And if I understood correctly, the shell and the shell only should be in contact with the rest?

    Here's the quick fix I made, guess I'll remove this again!

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    Quote by Hravn View Post
    If I understood correctly, the shell and the shell only should be in contact with the rest?
    This is correct - if you want your helmet displayed in this way, put no pressure or contact on the leather. You can purchase custom helmets stands that will do this or... cough... kitchen roll stands. Sounds a bit mickey mouse, but they look really good and IMO better than the 'heads'.

    Example: M40 Heer Helmet


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    One thing that also works and looks better aesthetically but is probably more expensive in the long run is big artillery shell casings. I used some bubble wrap as a buffer as to not damage the paint, to the left of me, or my monitor I have my restored Quist M42 on a German 77mm shell casing from 1911 rather short, makes a nice stand as the front row and further back I have my Luftschutz reissue vz 32-34 helmet on a French 75mm shell casing from 1918 which is about 2x as long, but you can get these pretty cheap off of flea markets, the French one cost me 15€ I think, but I think kitchen rolls will work too, but I think a bit of class would be adequate for a helmet of that price class

    Silly me I thought you said "kitchen rolls" not "kitchen roll stands".. duh, I feel really silly now imagining collections of helmets standing on kitchen rolls, maybe also SS toilet paper ?

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    Besides the paper towel stands that I often use (in the link provided by Nick), lately I've been getting a bit creative and using bottles of Scotch and Bourbon. If I like the whiskey it then is eligible to display a helmet ( after I finish it off course)
    "Please", Thank You" and proper manners appreciated

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    Default I go bottom left of his sales listings...."Standman headgear stands". They are decent looking. He ships to Europe if need be.
    "When 10 men tell you you're drunk, you better lie down."

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