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M42 ss

Article about: Is this too good to be true?

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    Default M42 ss

    Is this too good to be true?
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture M42 ss   M42 ss  

    M42 ss   M42 ss  

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    Default Re: M42 ss

    Damm that decal is close.............

    I fail to see that anything with 60+ years of age could be kept so clean, unless its been wrapped up in cotton wool, which i doubt. I usually say, if its too good to be true, then it is

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    Default Re: M42 ss

    Hi Richie, pretty nice cond helmet, but something wrong in the decal, the black border is too wide and wrong, probably someone has paint it over, and need straight picture of the decal, due of mismatched sizing being wrong angle

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    Peter B.

    Default Re: M42 ss

    Not a good one !!


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    Default Re: M42 ss

    Peter, of course any comment is appreciated. However, here on THIS forum we frown upon the curt "IT'S FAKE", "NO GOOD", "I DON'T LIKE IT" etc, etc replies.

    Please, enlighten us as WHY this is "Not a good one"... The reason being is I for one, would like to learn more about these...

    Many thanks.
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    Default Re: M42 ss

    Hi RichieC

    Offcourse you are right on the explaining part but Peter really knows his stuff (SS helmets) so I'am starting to fear for this helmet...


    Nick VR

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    Default Re: M42 ss

    It looks to me to be a totally re-furbed lid, that paint finish is like a few i have seen recently that turned out bad, so it gets the thumbs down from me aswell, rgds Dave

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    Default Re: M42 ss

    I'm the same as everyone i don't much like that decal for the reasons already stated but Richie is right the only way to learn is if someone explains why they don't like it .

    We on this forum don't want to follow others who have 4 pages of comments none of which explain what it is that's wrong with something , it's what is going to set us apart on this forum.

    If Peter is an SS lid expert it would be beneficial if he can explain exactly why he doesn't like it.


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    Default Re: M42 ss

    I am certainly NOT one of those experts, but I do have to have a good eye, and when something comes along that is too good to be true, it usually is, however, without giving too much away, (because fakers look at forums too) I am concerned with...

    a) The lack of, or seemingly lack of metallic finish on the decal
    b) It may be the angle of the photograph, but from what I can see proportions are not correct
    c) As Dimas pointed out the border is way too thick
    d) It appears to be based on a Pocher decal, but its not quite there
    e) I'd love to know where the lid has been for the last 60= years, its condition is amazing
    f) there are other things, but that should be enough to raise the alarms bells

    However, if you are happy with it, buy it, after all the hobby is based on opinions
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    Default Re: M42 ss

    Quote by JMB View Post
    However, if you are happy with it, buy it, after all the hobby is based on opinions

    All your opinions are welcome and encouraged. I have shown this piece as part of a review of some items owned by a customer of mine who buys general antiques out of my group shop. He owns two SS tunics/sets that I have shown in recent days and wants to show more in order to learn about what he really has - and I in turn would like to learn more about this stuff myself for the sake of learning.

    I have no intention of buying this, nor would I consider buying any SS items in any case as I am quite skeptical of them all; "Rock solid" provenance and all.

    Then again, there might come a day...
    Non nobis, Domine, non nobis, sed nomini tuo da gloriam!

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