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More SS relics to check ..

Article about: by Dimas This is the thread. I wish to have this helmet, you can trace it's history But why do you guys always post such small pictures

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    Default Re: More SS relics to check ..

    @ Paul E : these helmets comes from a different source ( not from Nikolai & Alex ) and they are dug out from Kurland (Latvia )

    @ Totenhead : yes they are for sale

    @ SSamir : what is the graphical error , round bottom ?

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    Circuit advertisement More SS relics to check ..
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    Thanks mate , who is the digger in Latvia usually you don't see that many SS Lids for sale at the same time from there !!
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    Default Re: More SS relics to check ..

    i will give you his name by PM , i know this is why i'm suspicious when there is 21 ss lids for sale !!!

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    Sorry I took long to respond. My cars are keeping me busy today.

    Runes are too thick and too close to each other, also shields borderline is thick for first pattern style runes, you would expect to see that in an ET or NS pattern decals, shields have soft tip bottoms, etc.

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    Default Re: More SS relics to check ..

    Quote by Totenhead View Post
    I always thought ipad's had great graphics!!! Why do you people buy those things! I see your point, but they look convincing to me, I sense they are not for sale, the pictures look like displays
    I need my ipad, because i'm usually mobile.

    I understand, but for me I had doubts. They just didn't pop up like a textbook example should.

    Remember gentleman, these are not definitive answers (well for me they are!), just my honest opinion.


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    Default Re: More SS relics to check ..

    I have concerns on these as well but with relics so many reference points are destroyed and the decals likeness can be nothing like what you'd expect to see. I would not buy any of these personally.

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    Default Re: More SS relics to check ..

    Quote by Paul E View Post
    Photos of the LAH also exist showing them wearing a runic decal on the left of the helmet !

    - - Updated - -

    What is the source of these helmets ?
    Yes I have an original photo from an LAH soldier who later emigrated to Canada, with reverse decals as well Paul. Agree, so many from 1 source is a red flag.

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    Default Re: More SS relics to check ..

    Yes it's a fact that the border is very thick..mmm
    the 21 ss lids comes from one source (which is a group of diggers) these ones comes from one of them. and they are on sale between 175$-245$ , but this is the best angle because on the other side they are very destroy. we'll see with the rest of the bunch, maybe one of them will match criterias. looks like it is a split decision for now !!

    thanks for the reply

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    Default Re: More SS relics to check ..

    To clarify, I am still not saying bad or good, the digging community may have clear provenance on these. They are just not for me as I insist my SS decaled helmets are 5 second 1 lookers that need n explanation, for good reason. Good luck in your hunt.

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    Default Re: More SS relics to check ..

    Looking at your new close ups i still can't decide one way or the other,for that reason i would save my money and walk away.A good sign that either something is not right or that you will always be questioning what you have bought is that when you look at it and don't feel almost immediatly that it is right.Stay happy and wait for a "one looker"

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