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My famous champagne SS helmet

Article about: I vaguely recall picking up this ckl 64 M-42 some 40 years ago from a kid who said he found it in his grandmother's garage.Names/ranks of GIs are lightly inscribed on the liner.KH says it's

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    No one seems to want to have any of the purportedly 100% good ones properly analyzed so understandably these unicorns also go down the drain with the rest of the now obviously fake sprayed on decal examples.

    Where's the relative rhyme and reason seen, as far as I've gathered, with any other accepted SS decal variant? No unused/not applied examples of this "decal" out there as far as I know, no specific relation to maker or type of shell/period, most of the time observed in near MINT condition--- can't remember seeing any with believable wear.
    There also seems to be info out there on who made these sprayed on SS insignias but it seems this is not to be revealed for some reason. Do these decals stand up to scrutiny on their own? Not as far as I have observed... the anecdotal vet crutch is sorely needed here--- obviously.

    I have no "dog" in this fight either but I do not have much faith given application of sound logic and what has thus far been revealed by dissecting one of these variants, either visually with microscopes or physically with tools. The evidence seems to speak for itself.

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    I have been collecting for 50+ years off and on (there was about a 15 year hiatus from about 1970-1985) but I certainly had no idea what a champagne rune was until the last 10 years or so. From what I have been told, these champagne runes started to appear in the 70's. Al B. is the one who coined the term champagne runes when he noticed the similarity in the color to the champagne colored automobile paint. When these started to gain attention he pointed out to me that every one he had ever seen was painted, and not a decal, and that he first saw them in the 70's as well. For those reasons I have avoided them. Doug's analysis iced it for me, I do not believe they are real. Many if not most are on late War no decal shells. It just doesn't make sense to me that they would have gone through the pain staking process of template spray painting these insignia on to helmets when the Reich was collapsing and Pocher runic decals were so readily available. The fakers were out there seconds after the last shot was fired and it stands to reason that fakers would enhance a $15 no decal helmet to make a few extra bucks in the '70's. The addition of a runic insignia would turn a no decal piece into a $100 gem. I feel sorry for those who spent the big bucks on these, but it is what it is. We all have been burned at some point during our collecting endeavors. Just my 2 cents, which my wife often says aren't worth a penny. Jim G.

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    Quote by helmet2id View Post
    Al B. pointed out to me that every one he had ever seen was painted, and not a decal,
    Your mate Al had a keen eye back then......... and he could tell without the benefit of super high digital magnification!
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    Quote by Snoman View Post
    Alright , thanks. It falls into the no decal range so this one is part of the scam decals recently discovered.

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