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Article about: Hi I posted about helping me Id a helmet The M-40 DD SS Q66 and Your Feed back was Great not to mention VERY Educational... But I was Wondering What would the Value Be on this piece I have b

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    Quote by SSamir View Post
    If your in a rush to sell then don't expect much. If you don't mind waiting, then advertise in the e-stand section and wait it out for the right buyer. That's how I get top dollar for my SS helmets.
    Selling it here in the classifieds is definitely the best place as you will pay no "commission" and get the full value. Leon.
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    Speaking as a relic helmet collector Tommy, I'd be straight in at around The $800 mark myself ( but having just put an offer in on a new home that will see me in the poorhouse for years to come I cannot come to the party .......sigh )

    Best of luck finding the right buyer,
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    Quote by Danmark View Post
    Speaking as a relic helmet collector Tommy, I'd be straight in at around The $800 mark myself ( but having just put an offer in on a new home that will see me in the poorhouse for years to come I cannot come to the party .......sigh )

    Best of luck finding the right buyer,
    Good luck with the new digs. Jim G.

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    Tommy, reason your probably having a hard time getting top dollar for this helmet because your new and no one here knows you. Lots of collectors feel safer buying from a known n trusted source. If u ask me dont be to optimistic. Please don't take this personal, but I agree with Bob; you need to contribute here.

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    Thanks everyone for the feedback I understand that this is for some a money making issue but for me its been a walk in history I really sit and think of this helmet and can Realize the path it came if only one could imagine. lives were lost, freedom was won. a young man returned home. a young man died. a family cheered. a family mourned. that's what I think when I see this helmet If only the to Brave men could have met under different terms Maybe a beer or two... But that wasn't the case One died early the other carried his death for many years and that Gentleman is where the things so sought after comes from...and you cant put a price tag on that.
    Thank you
    Tommy R Burgess

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    True that, Tommy....but such are the vagaries of war that simply because the helmet was found and excavated does not necessarily mean that it's owner Died. War makes for endless scenarios-some seemingly simple and some absurdly farfetched, but nothing is ever black and white when it comes to war. Say, for example, the owner of this helmet Was shot and killed. Now, it's entirely plausible that the person on the other side doing the firing also died at that exact same moment by the helmet owners shot as well or the helmet owners mates. Maybe their artillery. Or months later by a landmine, aerial bomb, vehicular accident, firing squad, illness or delayed wound after effect, tank fire or none of the above! Maybe the helmet owner was only Wounded and survived the war? Or simply got rid of his helmet when the liner went to pot and grabbed another one? The helmet shows no obvious signs of battle damage, so it's anyone's guess as to what exactly happened, and in most all cases, just what Did happen will never Be known. I think, for Relics and such, that it's this "Could have-might have-what if-who had-what happened?" aspect that makes battlefield relics so very fascinating. To hold it in your hand and Wonder and Imagine. This actually holds true for almost any collectable, but more so especially for battlefield pick ups! It's a great hobby, for sure!

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    I have to agree with William, the scenarios of battlefield relics are numerous and varied ,no one will never really know, therefore is open to conjecture and imagination, unfortunately the imagination side often interferes with the values of these objects in a persons mind, and any item is only worth what someone is willing to pay, the fact that its SS related holds a higher premium, but condition is paramount, I once saw a very rusted FJ helmet shell for sale at £4,000,was it worth it, in my opinion absolutely not, it had no liner, or decals, no paint and this was being sold at a very large venue, yet on the same stall a SS helmet with single decal , liner in reasonable condition, and reasonable paint was going for £5,500 and this was a totally original piece.
    With regards to the one posted I cannot offer a price because I would more than likely overprice it due to the vast differences in this country re third Reich items as opposed to the States or other European areas

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    Thanks everyone I wasn't Putting the helmet out there Just Curious of Value and I will Contribute More to come as far As this helmet goes as I stated before A Fellow West Virginian Took this Helmet from the German that wore it... After engaging in Hand To Hand Combat...With the German Soldier.. That's Why I say One died young One carried his death for years... I have know reason To Doubt the Old Man that told the story of how he got this helmet He was in his 80s at the time and gave it to my brother and me as part of payment for work done It was laying in the corner of his garage....Its just hard sometimes to grasp what it would have been like Him or you live or die Those where men of men on Both sides of the battlefeild

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    Quote by Tommy Burgess View Post
    I am not really wanting to sell it but Just want info so I don't look Stupid... I believe some are trying to get it for Nothing and turn a huge profit..
    Call me a cynic if you will, but, if the above is true why the need to ask for its value and why are you concerned that someone is trying to get something for nothing...after all you "are not really wanting to sell it" so both are completely irrelevant unless you do want to sell or insure ?????????????

    If the helmet was taken from the wearer during combat then it looks like the "new owner" must have stored it outside in the garden for years to get it in its present rusted condition?
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    Stefan is a cynic! But what he says is true...the condition also could of been during beeing kept in a dank and musty garage..proned to moisture and temperature changes. Nothing against the man who had this helmet...but anything is possible as stated above in all types of scenarios. Alot of men saw combat and alot did not...for the bring a prize home..with a "story" the returning Vet some type of belonging and serving. So many men lost their many men...who were not on the front lines or a spear head....were in reserves sitting miles behind their own lines. This is just another scenario also..whose to say?.......but the condition and the helmet here and now is the story. hang out here for a while..and enjoy your stay. There is much to learn and study..and the best are they guys here willing to help you out. Regards Larry
    It is not the size of a Collection in History that matters......Its the size of your Passion for it!! - Larry C

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