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New SS helmet with HD paint

Article about: by helmet2id Regarding the FJ, I have some opinions as well, but not being an expert, I won't express them in order to preserve the peace. Jim I'm with you on the FJ.

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    Default Re: New SS helmet with HD paint

    Quote by discover View Post
    Well Ok ...but all the local people here have verified the sticker - I wasnt worried about that...I was concerned about the paint. If its so hard to tell from the photo if the sticker is good or bad why the assumption automatically that the sticker looks bad? it certainly looks different than the fake one you referred me to anyway. Just saying...
    Hi discover,

    I did not say the "sticker" was bad. I said the helmet appears to be from the same source as the bad one I linked to. ( btw- SS "stickers" are different there being 5 main types and then the subtle variations ). Are both helmets from the same source?

    If your not worried why did you ask "How does the SS sticker look?"? I don't think it's fair ball to post the same angled photo of your helmet three times over and ask if the "sticker" is good, then retract that question by way of your local sources and the fact that some guys want to buy an FJ helmet of yours.

    I would be wary of trusting "local" sources. They are usually the "local" dealer(s) peddling the bad stuff to souls who are much to trusting.

    Insofar as your FJ, it has nothing to do with your SS. Here is what I think given the limited discourse and photos you have provided for our commentary thus far; the HD is probably there postwar to sexy up a possible fake SS. Any European Home Defence, partisan, militia, or insert name here of guerilla movement, will scrub an SS "sticker" off given their hatred of what those runes represented to an occupied country and their freedom fighters and to not be misidentified by friendly forces in the confusion of battle.

    If you can provide a close-up head on shot of both the SS decal and the hand rendered HD and if possible any macro photos of the painted HD much discussion should follow. Also an interior of the helmet. May I ask, is the helmet maker ET?

    Cheers, looking forward to the pics,


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    Default Re: New SS helmet with HD paint

    Quote by discover View Post
    Pleople I trust have verified the sticker...the first comment they usually make is...well it certainly is shows correct aging.
    If you trust them and that is their commentary regarding the authentication of SS decals you might be in trouble discover, I say that with the respect of your unknown trusted sources. That is not how one verifies SS decaled helmets but is how one gets a collection full of fakes.


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    Default Re: New SS helmet with HD paint

    Your trying to get an authentication on whether this Logo HD is genuine but if the SS runes are fake it will throw the whole helmet into doubt, it could be the HD is real but the helmets been spoilt if a fake decal has been applied, and if thats fake, what else isnt right?

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    Default Re: New SS helmet with HD paint

    Thank you for your expert comments. The inside of the SS shows N110 and062 stamped into the metal. The headliner shows size 55 WVeal.

    Paratroop is stamped FT71 and 6431 you see photo of inside. I mistakenly downloaded three pictures of the same view...its a starange system you guys have ...hard to know what is happening until its done More photos to follow of decals

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    Default Re: New SS helmet with HD paint

    The stamps are probably "Q62" and "DN110", "Q" being the manufacturer Quist. The "62" is the size of the shell, and is consistent with a size 55 liner. The DN110 would be the lot number. The decals on "Q" SS helmets are either the standard "Q" runic decals if factory applied, or possibly Pochers if the helmet was reissued, and the graphics of each of these types are much different than the graphics on the decal on this piece. If it is a "Q", from what I see, I would say that the decal is indeed a reproduction. If that is the case, then the whole helmet is bad. Please show clear front on shots of the decal and clear shots of the maker/size and lot number stamps. By the way, in a data base available on another forum there is one helmet listed that is a Q62 with a lot number of DN110, and that helmet is a KM, not an SS. I am afraid from what I see this one is bad to the bone. Jim G.

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    Default Re: New SS helmet with HD paint

    Could someone please provide photos of the five correct ones and the five fakes? That would decide the issue very quickly.Name:  DSCN4812.JPG
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Size:  51.9 KBName:  DSCN4814.JPG
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Size:  44.4 KBName:  DSCN4815.JPG
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Size:  46.5 KBName:  DSCN4813.JPG
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Size:  31.8 KBName:  DSCN4816.JPG
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Size:  48.3 KBName:  DSCN4810.JPG
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    Default Re: New SS helmet with HD paint

    I cant speak for the SS helmet, i'll let Doug speak on that behalf, the M38 never had a FT make but i would assume its an ET, the size 71 is the largest size there is for this particular helmet, however it is also the most commonly faked size as well, the size 71 had three different leather liners that would fit 59-60-61, i asked to see as many photos as you could do because seeing the whole helmet in detail helps to form a more informed opinion

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    Default Re: New SS helmet with HD paint

    Ok I guess you see the ink stamp says head size 59 and the helmet size 71 on the original pictures of paratroop at the top of the string?

    What a pleasant surprise to meet so many experts...its a real pleasure

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    Default Re: New SS helmet with HD paint

    I don't claim to be an expert, but I am fairly confident that what I said about the HD is right, especially after seeing pictures of the decal and the vents on the helmet. Regarding the FJ, I have some opinions as well, but not being an expert, I won't express them in order to preserve the peace. If you do buy the HD, I would love to see very detailed pictures, but I am also very confident that my opinion won't change. Just a collector, and by no means an expert, Jim G.

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    Default Re: New SS helmet with HD paint

    Quote by discover View Post
    The inside of the SS shows N110 and062 stamped into the metal.
    As Jim has said the 0 is a Q and the lot number is DN110. The reason I asked if your helmet was stamped ET was because the helmet resembled a Q to me with the wider thicker stamped vent holes. A Q helmet as Jim has pointed out, will come with Q decals or if reissued, which this one is not, CA Pocher.

    The decal pattern on your images first posted are ET. In the M40 helmet model, that decal pattern will only be found on ET M40 helmets. So using this it is not looking good just by this information alone.

    The decal photos clinch it, they are indeed fake ET pattern runic decals aged to appear old. Your trusted local sources are not using correct methods with which to correctly evaluate SS helmets I am afraid and should not be used for further militaria evaluation if that is their methodology as it could cost you plenty of your hard earned cash.

    My opinion expressed in my 2nd post stands, the HD was painted on the front postwar to sex up a fake SS helmet. I would not buy it. If you have already done so seek immediate refund.

    Is this helmet from the same source as the helmet I linked to when I first replied?

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