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No Decal M18 SS Transitional - KZ Used

Article about: Joined: 19-June 10 1,281 posts This one arrived last week. It is an M18 style shell, marked ET66. I believe it to be an interwar commercially produced M18 helmet, because under the maker/siz

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    Default Re: No Decal M18 SS Transitional - KZ Used

    Quote by SSamir View Post
    Very interesting helmet! IMO, not the same helmet on Hicks site, different manufacture, but I do feel this is without a doubt an SS-TV helmet. I also agree that "Kdtr KLS 13" is the designation of the camp as have been said. I inquired about the helmet's manufacture on Hick's site a couple of months ago. Interesting pieces of SS history.
    Hi Samir,You're right, the helmet on Kelly's site is not an ET, that one is most definitely an interwar commercially produced M18 clone, but I don't think we know who manufactured it. I have one that is the identical shell style, with the elongated, stepped, and narrow vent lugs. Like the RZM helmets, there are no large washers on the interior of the dome to secure the lugs to the shell. Mine has an M26 style 3 pad liner. The shell on that one is any devoid of any size or manufacturer's stamps, as is, I suspect, the one on Kelly's site. Also, regrettably, it is not KZ marked. (You can be sure that as soon as I saw the one one Kelly's site I pulled mine out of storage and checked to make sure I hadn't missed anything!) The one in this thread is an ET, but has an ever so slightly different profile than the WWI ET M18 combat shells. Anyway, I again have to thank Chris for pointing this one out to me, and I am glad you all like this one. Cheers, Jim G.
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    Its a super catch! I only know of two now. Glad u listened to Chris.


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    Default Re: No Decal M18 SS Transitional - KZ Used

    I do find good stuff sometimes.
    Glad you like it Jim.
    A good piece for the collection.

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    Default Re: No Decal M18 SS Transitional - KZ Used

    Nice real deal sir!!!very nice

    [h=3]e plu·ri·bus u·num[/h]

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    Default Re: No Decal M18 SS Transitional - KZ Used

    I need to bring this one back up.
    Just to rare of a helmet not too.

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    I'm glad you brought this thread back up, I nearly missed the holy grail! Truly amazing and a piece of history that must be preserved and studied at all cost. This is proof we must never forget the reality of the horrors of which this was born. Thanks for sharing, you lucky dog!

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    Default Re: No Decal M18 SS Transitional - KZ Used

    Hi Guys, I am a member of GHW as well, and one of the members over there, d'Alquen, is incredibly knowledgeable regarding the SS. Another member stated that he wasn't sure this helmet was SS. This post by d'Alquen followed which I think is the last word regarding the branch and approximate issue date of this piece. He wrote:

    I went over to Kelly's site to see the partner to this helmet. One of the interesting things is the name tag in the twin to helmet2id's helmet. From the unit id tag is to possible to date the issue of the helmet quite accurately.
    That particular unit designation was only in use for the SS-TV from the middle of 1937 to the middle of 1938. So I find it find it very interesting that helmets were being issued without decals at this time. The colour is more understandable as the role of Brandenburg and the other two regiments were becoming more and more militaristic and one can understand them being issued for the field with a coat of grey rather than black paint.
    I would love to decipher the meaning of the numeral '15' at the end of the stamp.
    Thanks for an extremely interesting post.

    Check out the May 2012 "Featured Helmet" on Kelly's site and compare the apron stamps and the color of the paint, they are a near identical match on both points. These 2 were almost certainly worn at the Sachsenhausen camp complex. Chilling. Jim G.

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