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Offered this sd m-40, what say ye?

Article about: Thanks loads mates.

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    So, what did they actually say over on WAF? "Final verdict"? To my eyes there's clearly been some post war paint removed, which would account for a possibly "round bottom" decal appearance... not going to go against the experts but I still think this is interesting. Also, Rask has never as far as I've experienced concocted false stories to boost sales. Not anything to say one way or the other in and of itself but at least a good faith voucher in case something's actually wrong.

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    Circuit advertisement Offered this sd m-40, what say ye?
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    OK, headed over to WAF just now and it seems the consensus among the SS collectors confirmed the actual sales ad; good ET pattern decal, but scrubbed all over for removal of post war paint... that said, poor pics were also commented on.

    So... other known SS collectors said most likely a damaged/scrubbed yet all good ET pattern decal, why was this just labeled as a "100% textbook" fake on here? I also see this one's still up for sale via Henrik Rask, which begs the question; who exactly "offered" you this? It's of course possible that it's long since been sold but not marked as such but... would be nice to know.

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    NO my friend - there wasnt a sales ad, antique store owner just sent me fotos to ask what I thought, and no consensus - the WAF thread stopped when the owner said he wanted to keep it. still, it was looking pretty bad for this helm over there 'til the end.... by the way I'm still waiting for ss helm expert kelly hicks to chime in.

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    henrik rask? that's not the seller, which means this isnt the helmet.

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    The helmet is still up on --- look it up. Most agreed in that short two page WAF thread that it was likely scrubbed but good... the link is below so people can see for themselves. I kinda trust DougB's opinion over a lot of others. Seems the initial negative reaction over there was a few members being far to quick judging it down and out.

    M40 w-ss decal - good!? - Militaria Forums

    Ok, for simplicity's sake --- the sales ad on, featuring the same photos:


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    !!! my mistake also on WAF - sorry slados28 I was unaware this helm had been sold after the guy told me he planned to keep it. (which is after WAFers pretty much thumbed it down.) thanks for the link; wow things move real quik sometimes...

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    No problem. So it was already sold from raskantik? Kind of strange that another seller is still using the same rather poor photos if so...

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    yea strange but then sometimes it takes dealers long time to remove what's been sold - sometimes coz they want to leave viewers 'yearning' so they keep coming back....

    Quote by slados28 View Post
    No problem. So it was already sold from raskantik? Kind of strange that another seller is still using the same rather poor photos if so...

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    True, but then again this is a typical way for people to sell items they do not really have --- hence my question regarding this a couple of weeks back.

    Either way, to my eyes and going by respected SS collector's opinions this is most likely an all good M40 SS that has been scrubbed to remove post war paint and then advertised using really bad photos.

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    you may well be right. I dunno whose pix these were originally.

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