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Original SS decal on relic helmet ?

Article about: original decal ?

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    Take the photos outside!!!!!!!!
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Original SS decal on relic helmet ?  
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    Circuit advertisement Original SS decal on relic helmet ?
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    Very rough.

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    Once again, with specific instructions - and this isn't rocket science in today's day and age when a 9 year old can take book quality photos with an iPhone 5.

    1. Go outside. Bring helmet with you. Make sure it is day time.
    2. Set helmet so sun is not shining directly on the decal side.
    3. Using the camera app on any modern smart phone, point camera at helmet.
    4. Once the image on your screen is not blurry, press button that captures said non blurry image.
    5. Moving closer, so the only image you see is the decal, like in the image example Walkwolf posted, repeat step 4.
    6. Post said images once you have successfully completed taking in-focus, non-glare closeup images of the decal.

    Remember, you can take unlimited photos in the digital age, until you get it right.

    In closing, posting the same images repeatedly will not get your question answered. And as said the decal and helmet are in such poor condition I'm not sure your efforts will be of any help anyway.

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    Apparently nothing.

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