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real or fake? pt 2

Article about: Not quite sure i understand SSamir?.... They're both Model Z Spanish post war Lids with fake decals, just by different people... Regards Phill

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    Default Re: real or fake? pt 2

    im regreting posting them now im going to cop a lot of flak i think what can i say

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    Circuit advertisement real or fake? pt 2
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    Default Re: real or fake? pt 2

    Ha,ha! They're really horrible geelong, but don't be like that. I'm sure all of us have bad experiences to tell and junk pieces bought when starting collecting. I doubt anyone here don't have an item to be shame about. And it would be a funny thread. The shame thread. And a sugestion to your wonderful helmets: you can plant some beans on them

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    Default Re: real or fake? pt 2

    ha ha im a big boy now i can take it. like the bean idea

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    Default Re: real or fake? pt 2

    The title of the thread should be changed to " The worst ever fakes " , surely no one would think any of the helmets in this thread were real !!
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    Not even the right liner on helmet #1 and #2 seems to have too much white on the ss from comparison

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    geelong, you payed 25 dollars per shell? Thats not really bad, even buying a shell knowing its not real paint. You could probably break even or a little better to a reenactor... My opinion of course, I could be wrong! Also, I think the people ripping helmets apart were talking about the OP. Yours are obvious fakes, but you knew that.

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    at 50 $ for 2 thats ok.

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