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Real of fake ss?

Article about: i hope you guys dont get feddup with this forum with people takeing the piss all time. ive lernt a lot on here and got some realy good help here that i would have found it hard to get else w

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    Default Real of fake ss?

    Hello, and I have found a new find on my friend Craigslist. All I know is that it was found in rusted condition. No backgroup. Is it real of fake?Real of fake ss?Real of fake ss?Real of fake ss?Real of fake ss?Real of fake ss?

    - - Updated - -

    Hoping it's real!

    - - Updated - -

    Looks to have a poined tip too.

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    Default Re: Real of fake ss?

    How much $$$ is it.........?


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    Default Re: Real of fake ss?

    I think the decal is bad. It looks applied over a badly pitted area, after the shell was cleaned of rust.

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    Default Re: Real of fake ss?

    its bad, looks like a repro early ss decal on a M42 helmet.

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    Default Re: Real of fake ss?

    A reproduction decal.

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    Default Re: Real of fake ss?

    I to also doubted the decal.
    The rounded bottom fake.

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    Default Re: Real of fake ss?



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    Default Re: Real of fake ss?

    Not the "classic" mass produced round bottom fake, that's in an ET pattern - this however is a fake Pocher, Pochers are rarely seen on M42s in a SD configuration.

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    Default Re: Real of fake ss?

    Thanks Doug, and everyone. I was waiting/hoping for the original poster
    to comment - one way or the other - with his own ideas about the lid,
    instead of another 'real or fake' barrage.........


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    Default Re: Real of fake ss?

    I sent Kyle a PM regarding the Barrage of real or fake 2 weeks ago when he first appeared,, but it seems he has not changed his position, in giving any details at all of how any of it was acquired. The boy who cried wolf comes to mind and after awhile his postings and integrity will not carry any weight. Throwing stones at cars comes to mind also just to get a reaction. These threads are becoming dull. Regards Larry
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