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Relic SS ET64

Article about: This relic SS lid has been covered before in my SS collection thread but DougB has requested a dedicated thread in this forum and who am I to refuse? The helmet was purchased some years ago

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    Me too , it looks as though the conditions it has been in have tainted the coloration / shape etc !
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    Hi Glenn thanks for showing the entire helmet. Yes I suspect as Paul that conditions and photo angle have distorted the shield shape, if you look carefully you can see the "tip" of the bottom shield. Note the left side of the decal and the break of the shield is very distorted. What caused me to think it might be an NS (Champagne) style decal was what looked like sharper print and hard breaks to the shield but alas and alack it is simply distorition caused by the elements, age, and the photo.

    Good ET decal on this.

    Note for those comparing the shield border thickness on the ET, the pre-1940 decals have a thicker shield than post 1940 ET decals. One of the many small anomalies with decals such as SS.

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    The color can change, due sometimes the areas where the helmets survived was burried, also shown decal makes the rounded bottom and longer look, due the last layer of the decal are fall, and we can see the mixed look of both decals, the first one which is underneath with the last layer of a decal

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    Well, here's where she lives now. On display in front of my relic SS collection of erkenungsmarken, adler, scull and button.

    Relic SS ET64

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    The girl is not a relic.

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    Nein! Das ist meine frau!

    (Who, although I suspect would look quite fetching in an SS lid, will no doubt prove 'problematic' should I try to convince her to 'pop it on')

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