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Second SS helmet: M35

Article about: Here is another ss helmet relic I am considering to purchase. Any ideas as to originality? Regards Felix

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    Default re: Second SS helmet: M35

    Sorry to hear that... seems he regularly screws people over doing the same thing.

    Ok, so this is NOT the same helmet... the seller seems legit enough without me having any experience with him/them.
    I still think this SS helmet looks a bit too unstable as far as the corrosion goes. Looks like it'll shed the outer layer incl. decal and then some if knocked around the slightest bit.... I wouldn't be comfortable having this shipped in any fashion.

    I like the relic look, but it seems pretty fragile...

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    Quote by nomis View Post
    When i saw the attached photos my thoughts were ' christ.......thats my helmet '.

    Turns out its the same seller. I simply suggested that the prospective purchaser make sure it is a currently available helmet.

    I have recently been screwed by '' or PAWEL NOWAK, who obviously takes photos off the web and advertises the goods as his to sell.

    Therefore, when i saw what looks like my helmet for sale on the internet, alarm bells began to ring.

    This seller gave me no problems with my sale, so in that new knowledge i can only conclude that this is a 'very similar helmet'.

    Mine was described as bunker dug from Eastern front and had been in his own collection for some years.

    The seller in this case is well known in the Uk and is genuine !!
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    Just a thought, I'm no expert and may be completely wrong but, couldn't the seller spray some varnish or something over the decal area prior to posting the helmet? Or would that be of no benefit whatsoever?



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    In answer to my previous messages and as elsewhere, i can confirm the thieving arse that is PAWEL NOWAK [ ] has had all his militaria adverts removed from the War and Peace website.

    Be on your guard, he and those like-minded thieves are still out there............. spoiling the interest of others. Hope he gets locked up very soon.


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