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Article about: That's hilarious Andy! Wait..I better go check....

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    I have a m42 helmet that my grandpa gave to me a while back and it has a totenkopf rune on the very front of the helmet just above the visor Ive never seen this before and was wondering if anyone could tell me anything about it

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    Any chance of photos please.
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    If I could find out how to put up pictures

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    Welcome to the forum,

    It doesn't sound like anything used during the war. Pics would be good. Click go advanced under the reply box, and scroll down a bit to the picture uploader. It's pretty self explanatory after that.

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    Sound like 4th Reich to me Welcome to the forum mate

    Regards, Lars

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    Possibly an original helmet with something fake added.... Need pictures though. Welcome! This might help you:

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    Shelton please post a photo in focus with no flash glare. A totenkopf is not a rune so I assume you mean a symbol, in other words a picture probably hand painted of a skull? I am interested to see what it looks like, thank you.

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    Photo's photo's photo's photo's photo's photo's photo's...........................;


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    finnish helmet could be

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    I was thinking Freikorps, if real.

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