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View Poll Results: Choose the SS Pocher decal that is real.

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  • Helmet 1

    4 6.56%
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    5 8.20%
  • Helmet 3

    34 55.74%
  • Helmet 4

    8 13.11%
  • I have no bloody idea.

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SS Decal quiz

Article about: Alright, I'm pleased with that Looking forward to the ET quiz Doug.

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    Default Re: SS Decal quiz


    Its not the pixels, SSamir is correct.. there is a saw tooth effect...
    All of them kinda have them except number two...

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    Default Re: SS Decal quiz

    I hate to admit it, but decal number 3 is one, or the best Pocher copy I have ever seen.

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    Default Re: SS Decal quiz

    Like I said earlier, Doug is a clever dude, a slick cat, but hopefully with time and continuing hard work, he won't catch me in the future.

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    Default Re: SS Decal quiz

    Gentlemen, I will guarantee you that none of these decals have sawtoothing of any kind. None of these have been beaten with a chain. All are dimensionally correct. Every fake shown here has fooled very advanced collectors. But there are very small details you need to look for, and once the eye is trained you see it every time. As well, to confuse you further, aging on decal pulver can vary in shade as well, for example a decal recently torn or scratched may reveal a lighter shade in the damaged area. I owned a textbook Q M35 with Q decal and the top half was darker toned than the bottom half and more crazed. It must have sat near a window or something causing more oxidization or UV damage or perhaps some form of moisture.

    And a nice mint Pocher can be very confusing as not many mint Pochers survived and they just have a different "look" about them. Oh, and Samir, I owned that helmet with the decal you show (the Nick Herpoel one), it's the Bielski helmet, researched SD SS helmet who took part in the putting down the Polish uprising. Nicks photos show it as a very washed out look, showing how a photo can alter an appearance of a decal once in hand. This is never more true than with SS decals about photography and how it can play tricks with your eye.

    And remember the 5 second rule with SS decals. It must look correct in the first 5 seconds. The answer is revealed tomorrow. I hope I didn't confuse you all more now. But it will be plain as day when I do. :-)

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    Default Re: SS Decal quiz

    Doug, OK, lets say theres no saw tooth effect going on, but u have to understand we are going by the pics you have provided, we dont have these in hands with a loupe, so its sort of an unfair advantage here for us.

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    Default Re: SS Decal quiz

    Doug, I have been through your CA Pocher threads on GHW and I have done my best. I am judging based on what I see of the pulver content.

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    Default Re: SS Decal quiz

    If this is the quiz, I don't want to know what the test is going to be like...

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    Default Re: SS Decal quiz

    Assuming I've just got millions to blow on a potentially fake SS helmet, I'll buy #3.

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    Default Re: SS Decal quiz

    Samir, that's why I said there's no sawtoothing. But remember these photos are 10 times better than the photos typically provided in the "is it real" threads, and sawtoothing "effect" is common when pictures pixelate, which depends on your monitor resolution, screen size, image size, and picture resolution, etc. So it's also a lesson in being careful when judging.

    No, the answers are all there for the naked eye to see, the unfair advantage is I've owned at least 40 or more Pocher decaled Helmets and handled a lot more including a bazillion fakes. ;-)

    - - Updated - -

    Quote by cgp1066 View Post
    If this is the quiz, I don't want to know what the test is going to be like...
    That's coming next with ET SS decals. There are some damn good fakes of those, graphically 100% accurate.

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    Default Re: SS Decal quiz

    I'm bringing my ipad with me to work tomorrow. I'm eager to see which is the real deal. I'm almost certain its number 2.

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