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SS ET M40 camo

Article about: by 4thskorpion As requested And I thank you. :-)

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    I don't think the Waffen SS made it that far lol

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    Circuit advertisement SS ET M40 camo
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    A great looking M40 SS Doug , I really like the wear to the liner!! It really shows the sweat and grease of hard use. Nice "deep" set cammo to , a real beauty!! Leon.
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    Quote by DougB View Post
    Perhaps a mod can kindly change the title from M35 to M40 please thank you!
    As requested
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    I really like the contrast between the bright green and tan color paint. The decal is striking, too. Thanks for sharing
    Don't feel bad, I know what you mean about the crappy resolution these iPads have (I'm using one).

    Also Doug, I'm sure you're not watching ice skating so you can check out the nice flexible ladies in tights. .. I'm not judging you..

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    That is a very vibrant green, I suspect the supply corps must have been fresh out of subdued camo and only had glossy kermit the frog green on hand.

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    A pleasure to look at and to have. My complimentSS

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    Was it a double decal?
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    You know Doug I have been thinking about this all morning and it would be a shame for you to have display this poor old beat up lid with all your other helmets on the wall wont it just be taking up space
    I would be more than happy to display it for you at my house I can promise you it will be on the top shelf well looked after dusted regularly

    Regards Mark K

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    I was getting my sceptical face ready when I saw the title, I'm glad I discovered it was you who posted it Doug. Tres bon

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    Quote by kozowy1967 View Post
    Nice Lid Doug stopped me in my tracks when I seen it awesome color and patina with a killer worn down ET decal any providence or thought on theater of operations .

    Regards Mark K
    Hi Mark,

    This came from a great collector of SS helmets in Japan via one Mr Hicks. It was one of the first SS camo helmets I bought and honestly still one of my favorites. As many have commented the colors are very striking and for a camo it just has that look I favor in a collectible helmet.

    I have long suspected the helmet to have come from the Normandy campaign and perhaps it served with a soldier on the steppes of Russia before that hence the tan under the green. That said it is just my imagination as I have no known provenance to this one.

    I do think the helmet sat in some water for a length of time, perhaps. My scenario for this one is under a heavy Allied barrage on D+25 an unfortunate soul was struck down when a round landed so close that the concussion split the top of the helmet hence the blood damage, and the helmet rolled into a shallow ditch where it lay under water until claimed either by a passing Allied soldier or Norman farmer.

    The helmet hasn't told me this however, it is just in my imagination. But when I hold the inside to my ear like a giant conch shell I swear I can hear the sounds of that barrage.

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