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SS Helmet?

Article about: I came across this a few years ago on an auction site and have ever since wondered if it had been real, the decal apparently measured 40x33mm and was positioned 3mm under the vent. I don't h

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    Most fakers aren't that smart either ;-)

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    Ah right, thanks. What sort of books would you recommend on German helmets and SS helmets by the way? Was going to do a forum search but I'm on a network at the minute which blocks certain elements of the site
    Regards Matt

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    Kelly Hicks SS Steel is a must , plus there is a smaller additional publication from the same author

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    The best over all reference book, especially for a new collector, is by Ken Niewiarowicz, "Germany's Combat Helmets 1933-1945 A Modern Study". The Ludwig Baer book, "The History of the German Steel Helmet", is very good for historical perspective, and as has been mentioned, one of the Hicks "SS Steel" books (either the first or second edition in my mind, although some say the second edition is better - I have both) is a must have for those who have the fortitude to wade into the shark infested waters of SS helmet collecting.

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    Dont forget forums, gents! I learned a ton from forums! A great place to learn about decals are from members who are highly experienced collectors who have been in the game before books came out.


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    Thank you, I'll have a look at them, forums will definitely be a major resource though at the minute until I can build up a decent reference collection
    Regards Matt

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