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SS Helmet from the 1970's.. Nothing like a good old fake.. OR NOT??

Article about: Hello everyone Did I catch a bad one? I haven't payed it yet. I said that I will check first with the crew here ;-) This helmet was in collection from a person I know since 1977. Well is thi

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    I used to own a helmet exactly like that one. Same decals, same color, same liner, etc. If this one hadn't been in your friend's collection since '77 I would think it is the same one. They must have come from the source.

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    Circuit advertisement SS Helmet from the 1970's.. Nothing like a good old fake.. OR NOT??
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    Hi, as you suspected, this one is a complete fake. The decals are old, but certainly not 1930-40's old! The runic shield is particularly bad, and as said by the others, it is a Norwegian re-issued German helmet. Leon.
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    Quote by Panzer78 View Post
    What bugs me is that this was in private collection since 1977 ( I know the person so no doubts about all those years..)
    Already back then someone played with decals? 40 years old fake? I thought people were more into Abba in those days
    My dad collected in the seventies and he didn't have a decent German helmet on his shelves , all played with or he repainted them and gave them decals. He was more into wireless transmitters.
    People just thought differently back then.

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