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SS Helmet

Article about: Looks good from here, is it a size 62?

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    Looks good from here, is it a size 62?

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    To any individual interesting in buying this helmet, please note that this individual is brand new here and has no record on the Forum. In such cases where a new person shows a valuable genuine article, we must always be aware of the possibility of fraud. A few months back, one of my political uniforms showed up on a European Forum by an unknown who was trying to sell something I am looking at presently. To the poster, please understand that we get a number of these type of threads where aa newbie shows something and in a subsequent post says they are going to sell it. These type of situations always require slow movement and caution.


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    Quote by iapsi View Post
    With the lot number, can we know when it was manufactured and how tall was the guy with a liner size 55 ?
    No. But I have heard that you can take the size divide by 4 and that gives you the length of his penis soft.
    Me? I wear a size 78 helmet.

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    It's nice being part of a forum where the moderators are willing to rationally vocalize a warning to its members.

    I will admit I know very little of the item being discussed but paused at the format of the pictures posted.

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    Is that a whif of 'Eau de Rodent' in the air?

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    Welcome to the forum.

    Out of interest, what kind of 'warehouse' did you find the helmet in - can you offer us some more background in regards to the purchase of the lid, pls?

    Wish I had a warehouse like that locally....

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    I very much like this helmet.
    It was found in Paris, are you from that area? If so that is not very far from where I live. Would love to see and hold the lid in hands.

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    First thank you for sharing your opinions on that helmet.
    The size is marked on the liner, it is 55, so it is a small size.
    About the wharehouse in Paris, it is a wharehouse near Paris, This helmet comes with all its dust from WWII but for sure it has not been sleeping at the same place for 70 years. This wharehouse was destroyed last years to build an house. From what i know it belonged to the soon of a scrap dealer who probably saved it from being melt with steel stuff a very long time ago. There is nothing sexy in the story. I just guess it has been used in the paris area due to where it was discovered.
    Bob is right to warn about that kind of situation as we all know there are a lot of cheaters trying to sell repro items or stuff they dont own ...
    I enjoy learning about that helmet and as i told, i was honest in my 1st post, i dont hide i intend to sell it when i can set up the right price. I hope the buyer will be some from that forum, at least he will know he doesnt buy a copy. And yes the buyer will have the opportunity to pick up directly near Paris or send a friend visiting that town.

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    That is the liner size so it would be a size 62 helmet. The helmet size is stamped in the rear of the skirt.

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    Quote by DougB View Post
    That is the liner size so it would be a size 62 helmet. The helmet size is stamped in the rear of the skirt.
    The size is stamped in the side of the skirt IMHO.

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