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SS Helmet - good or bad?

Article about: Saw it on FB and this guy said it's real but I don't think it is. The decal just doesn't look right to me. It's SE64.

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    Handle enough and then you will be able to tell the diff is all I can say.
    Not rocket science.
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    Circuit advertisement SS Helmet - good or bad?
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    Then I must obviously bow to your superior knowledge and wisdom Eric. As I clearly have not 'handled enough' would you be so kind as to impart your experience to the uneducated masses as to how exactly this particular liner has been artificially aged? The old boot polish trick? Sandpaper? Candle or cigarette lighter? These aging tricks are well known but don't appear obvious in this case (to my eye anyway) hence I am curious to understand what is so plainly evident yet I cannot see.

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    For me, I would expect to see more dust, dirt and general scum in, on and around the liner band / shell / leather interfaces and suchlike.
    I see what you are all saying but it does look odd to me that for something so shriveled there is not more good old grunge present.

    Hope no-one has got into it with a toothbrush and given it a jolly good clean!!!
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    Looking at the red liner and the white snow camo, could it be a Norwegian reissue lid somebody slammed a fake SS decal on and thrown it arround to make it look worn?
    Anyway, could have been a nice lid untill somebody thought they could make a fast buck and screwed it up.

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    Thanks Dan. Thats a much more informative, humble answer. I appreciate it. I was only asking what aspects made it "easily recognised" as aged. I don't pretend to be an "expert". Just interested in learning

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