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ss helmet/ no decal?

Article about: IM SORRY BUT WHILST THE Pea dot is interesting the fresh liner ,and the name dont impress me ,far too fresh for being in a war ,and 60 years of patina.,but i appreciate you putting the pics

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    Default ss helmet/ no decal?

    Im aware that many german army german helmets either had a decal, or two or none.Im not sure though if ss helmets always had a decal???, or like the army could ss soldiers in some circumstances be issued with helmets without decals,?and if so then collectors must come across fully used ss helmets which will be forever thought of as probably army because they have no decal, and fetch prices acordingly?LV.

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    Default Re: ss helmet/ no decal?

    Post Nov. 1943 the Waffen SS dropped use of the decal just like the rest of the Wehrmacht.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: ss helmet/ no decal?

    Yes Ade im aware they had to remove existing decals ,but could some ss helmets be issued without then like some helmets of the army? i have an m42 with remains of the white shield ,and i asume the soldier scratched the runes off as per the regulation.

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    Default Re: ss helmet/ no decal?

    After late 1943 SS helmets were issued without decals.

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    Default Re: ss helmet/ no decal?

    so there must be many no decal post 43 helmets in collection which are in fact fully ss helmets ,but become anonomous because of the lack of a decal ,lv

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    Default Re: ss helmet/ no decal?

    Most certainly!

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    Default Re: ss helmet/ no decal?

    I have a helmet that I believe was an SS issued decal at all - not even a trace. It's the painted pea dot camo pattern on the helmet that makes me think it was SS - but can I prove it: no.....
    ND SS lids are out there....but there is just no way of knowing if the helmets are Heer or SS....just the way it is....

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    Default Re: ss helmet/ no decal?

    Pea dot painted camo sounds interesting,any pictures?,lv

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    Default Re: ss helmet/ no decal?

    Helmets were produced without decal but the official text doesn't say that soldiers who were issued an helmet with decal had to remove it. It is a myth. Soldiers had to remove the tricolour shield when it was discontinued, but nothing say that they had to remove the Hoheitsabzeichen or runic decal. When they did it, it was a personal initiative.
    sometimes ND WSS helmets can be ID because the previous owner had the good idea to write his rank and name on the skirt or liner...

    In Memoriam :
    Laurent Huart (1964-2008)

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    Default Re: ss helmet/ no decal?

    Here's that "pea dot" pattern camo I spoke of. The owner wrote his name in the helmet: F. Loche....but I didn't find a record in the war graves registration. I know the SS also had their cloth covers...but perhaps one trooper decided to do this to his helmet?
    Purely hypothetical at this point though....
    I acquired this helmet from Paul at Lakesidetrader - he acquired it from the son of the vet. The vet's regiment fought the 12thSS in/around Caen but that is not to say that is where the helmet came from.
    I have no way of knowing wether or not this pot is SS or not...there was never a decal on it.
    Here's a couple quick pics....along with a period pic of the pea dot pattern worn by SS troopers.


    PS......if anyone knows of any other SS personel lists...I'd love to hear about where I could get more info on Mr. Loche!
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture ss helmet/ no decal?   ss helmet/ no decal?  

    ss helmet/ no decal?   ss helmet/ no decal?  

    ss helmet/ no decal?   ss helmet/ no decal?  

    ss helmet/ no decal?  
    Attached Images Attached Images ss helmet/ no decal? ss helmet/ no decal? 

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